Not Feeling Well, Breathing A Little Labored But I Have Pockets

I stick my hands in them while walking from time to time. You know, it’s those little things…

Limbo, everybody limbo, limbo all the day slipping under the highway cables then standing straightening up feeling a little woozy, actually more than that and onward. Gray days while March lets the seasons argue with each other as it does taking no sides though many prisoners. Hot, cold, warmer, cool, turbulent winds and rain and then sun, don’t get used to 70 for tomorrow it may snow sounds like normal midwestern weather on any given day but now it’s everyday. Listen to that wind whistling, yes whistling, foreboding, thunderstorms coming again. Maybe March rains will bring April flowers and bump up the first day of summer to May. Sounds reasonable. Not a new theme, it’s all been said before but there’s more than one way to put things like more than one way to skin a cat, an interesting idiom. Need to remember that one for an English lesson. Surprise and controversy instigating conversation like the many ways to say hello?

One can only hope.


Lambs Lay With Lions, Lions Lay With Lambs



Looking out the window as the sky shrugs off light

I think about March and the turmoil it brings

Such a rocky month

Especially this last week

Nothing but rain and severe weather threats

During unseasonably warm

But March swears no allegiance to any season

Leaving nothing unseasonable about its change


Going out like a lion came in like a lamb

Runs through my mind

How does that saying go?

But I heard it both ways in my youth

So if doesn’t do one it’ll do the other

It certainly didn’t come in like a lion

But it’s going out like one as far as I can see

What does that mean


The best place to look

The Farmers Almanac

The only dependable book and weatherman we have

Has been over time

For years and years

That prediction just a saying it clears once and for all

About lions and lambs

We all hope for the best is the best we can do


March doesn’t rest is all that we know

Read further down to see

What could be the most accurate forecast?

I’m not surprised at what I read

Northeast, New England’s increasing clouds

Becoming unsettled is to say the least

They’ve had mounds of snow

I know, it’s where some of my family resides


Midwest where I am more stormy weather

No kidding

Another tornado watch

On a quiet night a surprise

But more rain all the same

And those winds kicking up, had whistled around all day

The sun peeks through now and again

Not interfering with winter’s duel with spring

Saying goodbye isn’t easy

More often tears it does bring

From what I’ve seen that’s a perfectly broken heart

Don’t mess with Mother Nature

The origin of Alpha

The Sun remains patiently for the clouds to move on

April may bring showers or wait until May

I’ve seen that before too


I turn toward the door

More light coming through on this gray day

All perfect gray hues except there’re greens

New greens pale not yet bold

Broken cookies left on the railing haven’t yet washed away

Is that why the birds haven’t eaten them?

Food for thought

Anyway, March the Lion has a few more days




Grandma’s Christmas


I am very tired not from anything constructive that’s kept me so occupied all day but from relaxation. True that with each thing I did, like washing my face, I cleared the sink off, sprayed it down and cleaned it, finally got to the mirror and removed splash spots and going to the bathroom I put a new tablet in the tank and washed the bowl. I’d been peacefully asleep but the winds picked up to the point of rattling windows as if they would blow out of their frames, well more accurately it sounded as if the wall might be ripped open while rain slapped the side of the building. Kind of like sleeping through a tornado it wouldn’t have been impossible to sleep through it all but this sensation insisted on presenting itself that I could be getting very wet very soon. “Oh, the towel” that’d been draped over a chair on the balcony made me wonder if it were still there not that it would have more of an impact than a wall being torn off a building. Nonetheless I got up to check and was surprised when I went to its rescue it just wasn’t that wet. Is this scenario, or should I say this time around the bark of the elements was worse than their bite? I don’t even care if that sentence makes sense. That towel I now have hanging in the bathroom with a fan blowing on it to dry is making the entire place smell wonderfully fresh. Now that’s worthwhile.


And I’m annoyed with myself for letting this thing distract me when all I want to do is close my eyes.


While I’m thinking of it I’m taking my stuff into the bedroom. Maybe I’ll stop typing and find a movie to lull me back not that I think it’ll take much effort on my part to nod off. There goes that wind again pushing the unseasonably warm out of the way of the cold it should be. Huh, says who… Is that thunder? There’s the rain again that shouldn’t be here, by now it was supposed to have stopped. Do the weathermen really know for sure? Mother nature smiles a “the hell you say”.


In any case like I said, I am tired and for the last time I’m going to read this thing through. Though under the covers my slippers aren’t keeping my feet warm and my flannel shirt isn’t keeping the rest of me warm.


Oh bother!




Let It Snow


She’d just stepped out of the shower. How Janine hated this rainy weather wreaking havoc with her sinuses causing her head to be clogged most of the time and making voices sound like they were in a tunnel. She grabbed a plush towel twisting its corner as tight as she could, cramming it into one ear then the other to dry them. She hoped that’d do the trick.

“Well, they’re dry but this is new; what is that ringing in my ears? Nothing like Santa’s bells.” She was reminded of a child receiving a Christmas bell so he’d always believe.

“Nope. This isn’t it. Terrific.”





The prompt for this week is:

“…but what is that ringing in my ears?…”