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Not A Bug-Monster That Wanted To Eat My Hand



But actually a leaf that I flicked off my ailing lounge chair as I partially draped my blanket over it to dry, the other part hanging over the balcony rail that around here is called a deck nonetheless in the air: you know, not ground level but top floor. I think it’s high enough to qualify. In any case the glow of the jack-o-lantern is keeping watch. It’s still dark out. I’ve been up since 11:30pm. Doesn’t make sense? I passed out to a movie early, right after supper, slept for about 4 hours, innocently enough rose to go to the bathroom, decided to grab the laundry basket on the way back, and you can guess the rest. I thought, “no work tomorrow I can nap during the day” and kept going. I did catnap through another movie during the second wash, got up for the dryer, noticed it was 1:30am and mused, “who says you have to sleep” …


But I most likely will plug in something and see if I’ll close my eyes for a couple of hours now at 4:33am.


The temp’s dropping to 290, wonder if the blanket will freeze a bit. The sun is going to shine necessarily defrosting it dry.


I can breathe in how fresh it’s going to smell…