Old Friends


Hello darkness my old friend ran through my mind. That’s probably right but there’s no connotation. It’s peace, warmth and anticipation for the world to wake, light to break through, a new day to begin. So here I am with darkness, my old friend, and honestly I’m considering putting my head down for the remaining time before the alarm will actually go off and let it do just that. Many times as soon as I stretch out fatigue leaves me and I get right back up.


Let’s see what happens.


Well, it all lasted 10 minutes but it was enough.


I’ve a precious bit of half n half left to complement a shot of espresso. I may go there as another day ticks away toward the weekend. We’ve a three-day coming up. As it happens several at the daycare are writhing in agony because time is dragging its feet this week. Time. It really doesn’t go anywhere, doesn’t have feet, it’s just there. Time… man’s big idea to make the day, no, chop the day into productivity.


I think it’s time to make coffee. Oh goodness, a yawn. Yes, now’s the time.




Fall Back Again




I think I’m up at my usual time

So peaceful

Still dark

Never sleeping in

Until spring

I’ll have plenty of time

Why do I never get used to springing ahead

Overrated I think

Falling back I am more inclined

On a down mattress embrace

How deep can I sink

Let’s leave time alone

We did it once

Way back when

I was a kid then

Time doesn’t exist except man says it should

Let it ebb and flow

Watch the world turn

Don’t tell me it can’t thanks to technological advance

That says we’re smart enough to change it

Don’t say business

That flips-flops an hour at least twice

Don’t say wartime

That hasn’t been that way

Well, look at the time

My head I can lay until the alarm goes off


Another cappuccino

Give the world a minute to wake

I have plenty of time

You know

To take


Post Scriptum

Picked up my apple to take a drink

Should’ve napped a little more

I think



Fall Back


I like you

But not that much

I watch a scene

Such passion

Something stirs inside me

A feeling buried

I feel it deep

And I give in

Just for a second

I used to believe that way

Complete trust

Complete abandon

Two bodies intertwined

Whose is whose doesn’t matter

Yes I can feel

I watch again

It occurs

He’s married

Is she

How does he do that

His wife


A job

Turn it off

I can

I did

I wonder

But it stirred

To trust again

Could I do it

Lose myself but never be lost

I’ll let that thought be

That feeling have a place

And there are two clocks that need me

To wind back by hand

Fall says I’m here

Winter says it’s coming


You both can stay

I feel the warmth of memory

I watch

The light of the jack-o-lantern burn








Here I sit while sweat drips

Why though?

AC’s on and no menopause to speak of

Been there done that

Will jump in the shower

Refresh, relax

Be ready for dawn

Then in to work with me

To be with people I’d rather not see

Have you ever had that on a job?

Look around and say no thanks

Bide my time until




Until remains to be seen


The journey is written, the future unknown

The Secret no secret, perspective’s all me


Cool, I like me

Speaking of which, about that shower…