Brain Process Or Getting Here From There



What a day! First there was the darkness of vampire slaying and doppleganging with the gentlest pretending to be a blood-sucking fiend for catching the bad girl to superheroes before the fact. He’s narcissistic he concurs and doesn’t play well with others but that was before he was a member of the team. I’ll have to watch that next I think so I can see how it all follows. I recalled our conversation yesterday about the man who created the characters, that man who shows up in all the films. “There’s this guy who shows up in all the films. Who is he” I’d asked. “Mr. Comics” I was told. “He created the characters.” When I said how surprised I was to know, “whoa really” you didn’t waste the time to suppress a large grin. What, everybody knows? Not then but they do now and so what I just found out? I thought of “A frush? What the fuck’s a frush Hitachi?”

The walk around the renovated park was wonderful. It’s all finished and kids were playing. I’ll stop by again.

I know! I’ll watch the revenge of those nerds instead!




The Back Burner Of My Mind


Staring at the wall

Death trying to take my soul


I don’t think so


I wish things could be accepting

Yet at the end of the rope


I began with hope at least


A-plenty, something will open up

There’s something there, somewhere


Who knew?


When things are falling apart

They’re really falling right into place


Saw it posted on one of those sites


I hope so; write it back though it doesn’t feel like it, no

Joy has left me in a far cornered space without sun


Like the poetics of that one


Where to now

I feel worn as if I am done


Not yet


Spoke with Grandma and my dearest friend

Yes communing, they’re dead people


Where will it end?


Too funny

I said, “Remind Him for me”


Maybe here’s a good place


Though I’m the one needs reminding

Far cornered space without sun


Yeah, I like that one