Does It Still Feel New: May 10, 2017

It’s one of those thunderstorms, not the one that’s supposed to bring the temperature down but one that’s backfiring, raining a little, couple claps of thunder, surprise flash of lightening then nothing. The wind dies, the rain stops, it gets real still and the humidity goes through the roof while the temperature remains too high. 81 is too high for May 10th during the day never mind 10:30 at night, and the way it’s going there will be no 60-anything. The question is do I want to open the couple windows I have cracked wide, do I want to just turn the fan on low for a breeze I can sleep with, try to crash to a movie, what? I look outside and see people like me with sliding doors open refusing to run AC this soon in the year. The need is inevitable but I’d like another month before I have to face what happens to the utility bill. A month and a half’s better.

It’s still and quiet now. Maddening!


Day 14 Of A New Year


Let there be ice, and there is. Just for fun I stepped out to see how bad… some places have salt and what doesn’t is a sheet, cars – the couple that went by – don’t seem to have a care but that was how 8 of them wound up in a ditch the last ice storm just up the street from my grandson’s school, so we won’t take their word for anything. One of my neighbors came out and was slipping around which shows you where tennis shoes will get you so he takes them off, smiles and says “this is the only way I can get across the ice” and slides on his socks while carrying the shoes.


Still, I know I haven’t seen it all just yet.