Flowers Beneath The Sea

Thunderstorms and flood warnings
A bacon egg and cheese
New York style please
Tornado stop by for breakfast
Might be my only friend
Darkness rumbles
When will it ever end


Save It For A Stormy Day

Once again I took shelter

Will these storms ever end?

By now it should be dry

But we gathered in that safe place

Families drenched

No time for an umbrella

Though I took mine

With rain pelting so

Ouch, that stings

Barefoot many came

Not me though feet were soaked

It’s right over our heads

Our complex manager said

That’s close

Hasn’t been this way since ‘88

Offering beer, soda and snacks

It’ll be fixed up for next time

More comfortable, you’ll see

Soon enough warnings passed

Watch for floods weathermen said

That’s a given with torrential rains

From the inner room we emerged

Back to videos, maybe sleep

Had anyone begun to eat?

Thunder rumbles in the distance

Further the better

That’s something we’ll keep

Summer sunshine come back

With us please stay

Kick-off the new day

We plead