Doing My Best

Falling asleep on and off all day to movies in between all the cooking I did. Dishes washed, place organized, wash on now drying, and I put another movie in to wrap it up. Nodded out through most of it so I popped it out, closed the laptop, settled in to the pillow and there’s no way I’m falling back to sleep.

Glad I hadn’t put it away…


Day 16 Of A New Year


Well it was a no-brainer that I wasn’t going to get into a deep sleep. Dozing through movies, nodding playing a game on the iPad was the extent of it. Might as well get up and shower which I did. What now? Probably get back to the last video I dozed through, pick up at a scene and see how far I get. If nothing else I might just get another hour in.


The ice has subsided and plain rain with above freezing temperatures is forecast. I can stand above freezing. Fog’s in the immediate future thanks to these seesaw temp changes – warm/cold, warm/cold, warm/cold make up your mind – throughout the day. Don’t mind. I’ve nowhere to go, should I have a fit to get out I can walk. Let the other guys drive into each other if they insist. I think most have Monday off anyway. Hopefully we’ll all take the fog as seriously as we did the ice. No worries…


Cappuccino sounds good about now, that or hot cocoa, or my blanket and a remote. I remember from Logic or means one or the other not both… however let’s take a look. I could have a hot beverage and get comfortable with my blanket and of course have the remote close by for the obvious should I pick up where I left off with the video. You have no way of knowing the thing I’d stretch out on would make it very difficult for me to enjoy a hot drink without risking spilling it on myself or have to uncomfortably lean up to get a sip which renders that decision illogical although both actions are possible. In this case or is inclusive. So, or is just laying out choices for me to decide what to combine. The math on this one could definitely change.


A=A v AvB v C&D so what would I like? A v B, I don’t feel like making either of those, ~A v ~B & C & D. Been a long time since derivations et al. I always did think it was bunk for the most part anyway.


My goodness, so much talking for 3am.





Night Cap




Things that have occurred to me

On this day of reflection

Why did it turn out this way?

Can’t really say

That Descartes is an eternal nag

Reading his Meditations

Aren’t they supposed to be quiet?

Socrates can’t argue to save his life

I read over the Apology

It’s a good thing there were no guns then

Silence would have been golden

Plato could say

Or did he?




Read over father’s day wishes

Saw an interesting twist

For the one never there

Classic photographs with kids

Shots of clouds sigh

We’ll see you again

Speaking of which

Saw a movie today

About a big bad wolf

Targeting college students

Walked fine on hairy legs

Growled sarcasm too

Little pig little pig let me in


How’s that for a change


Watched Ocean’s 11 perfect crime

Leaving everyone deep in thought

Irony or a lesson taught

How to do it better next time

Have all those actors passed?

Midnight wanes on

Fatigue sets in

Just enough to settle down

Good night then