I Lost An Earring In The March Winds

And I really liked that one. Fell asleep to Ragnarok too, a good day all in all. Woke with Thor and Loki talking about how much they love being themselves. I love being me too, we can relate. It’s been really special.

This may just be enough and I’d heard enough is as good as a feast.

So it is.




I sat with my books

And came across a notation

About a pub I frequented a lot


Redundant, should change that


I’d get my pint and pizza

Sit and write

The game played on the big screen above

A lively-noisy place but for a waitress who assumed

Me an idiot for using a dictionary to communicate


No tip


A point not easy to get me to

I’m a New Yorker

Not tipping is sacrilege

I was living abroad you see

I sat closer to the bar where she’d be watched

The owner knew me at least


I was there enough but I’d said that


A victim of menopause throes

Thank goodness that’s done

No one knew

Wearing sandals in winter was a treat

Though menopause you can keep

Thinking that, what good does it do?


Not much


It’s late or it’s early

Where are you sleep

Wonder if I stopped, snuggled in

Closing my eyes

Would it work?

Guess I’ll give it a try


Damn, need another tissue