Day 5 Of A New Year



Distracted by the snow falling this morning waiting to see if schools would cancel I went through the motions of preparing for work and left the laptop open to write figuring I’d get to it. I had a feeling it wouldn’t come to pass, schools closing hence us closing seeing we’ve just gotten back from holiday, a nice long one at that but I kept checking the internet. One thing lead to another until 6:30 rolled around and I called the facility. Someone picked up. Settled! When I stepped out roads had been plowed and busses were on time, cars were making it through. At work I jotted down some thoughts.


What a pleasure it was walking through the park on the way in while it snowed. There was no ice, no mess, only the soft silent swirl of flakes making pure powder. No one had been through yet aside from the stray animal, no one out for morning walks. Afraid of cold, snow falling or just falling? Wimps! Well, to be fair that would depend. Breathtaking, invigorating and awesome I was making the first set of footprints, human ones, on the path.


Technically being after midnight it’s now day 6. I’m getting back to bed.





Night Cap




Things that have occurred to me

On this day of reflection

Why did it turn out this way?

Can’t really say

That Descartes is an eternal nag

Reading his Meditations

Aren’t they supposed to be quiet?

Socrates can’t argue to save his life

I read over the Apology

It’s a good thing there were no guns then

Silence would have been golden

Plato could say

Or did he?




Read over father’s day wishes

Saw an interesting twist

For the one never there

Classic photographs with kids

Shots of clouds sigh

We’ll see you again

Speaking of which

Saw a movie today

About a big bad wolf

Targeting college students

Walked fine on hairy legs

Growled sarcasm too

Little pig little pig let me in


How’s that for a change


Watched Ocean’s 11 perfect crime

Leaving everyone deep in thought

Irony or a lesson taught

How to do it better next time

Have all those actors passed?

Midnight wanes on

Fatigue sets in

Just enough to settle down

Good night then



I Was Just Up Early


Dead tired from the heat

I passed out

After the salad of my dreams

I concocted as I walked

And an ice cold Martini

With an onion, no olive

To my grandfather, ‘salute!’

I miss you

Rest in Peace


Out came the bedroll

After brushing my teeth

And a wet rag on my face

Wipe perspiration sweat away

Refreshed enough

Turn on a classic

Bing and Frank

Louie and Grace

Celeste too


Scuffle between mother and son

Let him finish it tomorrow mumbling fade

She agreed crankily

Opened eyes heard his breathing

The time no one knew

Darkness wrapped its arms

Away I sink

Just before dawn

I wake


Here I sit in a silence almost deafening

When air conditioning doesn’t kick in

It’s been a while since we’ve been together

Old friend peace

And we’ve written about nothing at all

Really, nothing

Before the start of the day

Will I lie back and give the alarm a chance

No pressing tasks to do not yet – couldn’t say


Overcome I yawn

Thoughts fade away