I rise at regular time but the clock says I’m up an hour early. Am I? I’ll have time to myself and it’ll be light when I walk to work. Will I miss watching day break? Maybe a little but it’ll be fine. The alarm hasn’t gone off yet and I’m about to fix coffee. It’s nice to be able to sit and think not worrying about the clock. This solstice season agrees with me though I do love being able to see where I’m going on the way home. Born on the equinox it’s no surprise I love balance. The world turns the way it does and winter shortens daylight without a clock’s permission. Persephone is packing up her things fastening the shutters on her home. It occurred to me why March is as a tumultuous month as it is with winter battling spring while the underworld doesn’t want to let her go. Her heart’s just not there, simple enough.

About that coffee…


Like Grizzlies That Wake


In April it rains

Rivers flow, come alive

So do drains curbside

Rubber boot sales increase

Retail rejoices

In the practicality of

Designer styles that abound

Complement the wardrobe

If gaudy lends compliment

In its action alone

Walking, trudge-slosh along


Well, your feet are dry


Unless you’re a child

Versus puddles deep

Might not survive, still

The final argument with winter

April brings

Snow may weigh lilacs

One last time

Go ahead go outside

Wear your boots snap a shot

As the sun rises, shines

Warmth in the air it melts away


Winter’s destiny sealed to lose this fight



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