Just Now


Lying on a mound of plush toys

Pulling billowed pillows over my legs and around my back

Closed my eyes for a moment

But an odd dream began to materialize and I said no

The faux cuckoo clock began to play

It’s five

Opened my eyes

Found the ground

Scratched my head

Reluctant to move

In a good spot

Too bad

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

Up I go

That one was sticking me in the side anyway

Where’s that espresso

Wake up sugar

Tap the jar on the counter


Whisk with the frother


A few seconds more



Where’s the steam

I need to imbibe

28 seconds ought do

Thickheaded coffee

I intend to win

Now we’re talking

To you day

You may begin




Sunday Is For Vampire – 2


On that note my grandson’s here

Hotel Transylvania 2 it’s clear

Won’t scare him away

His movie, why should it?

As we keep up tradition

Grandma’s thing that’s new

What makes it so right?

We’re in love with our monsters

And 70-degree winters

Can you believe it!

Heat hasn’t had to run the past couple days

Windows all open

The sun streams in

Now let me think this through

Abominable Christmas is next

Not just once a year

But a place in the heart…

Shhh it’s beginning

Dream Abominable Snowmen

Talk you can’t stay