Positively Beastly


The Stage

She stood watching the screen motionless no real emotion rising one way or another. Why wasn’t she surprised? The others stood waiting. They knew they’d found the thing that would push her to a breaking point, they would get their sick satisfaction seeing her cringe and burst out excuses and condemnations. Unsatisfied and unhappy lot, they had to get theirs somewhere. Finally one spoke, “You call that acting…”. “I wasn’t acting; he’s my husband.” She remembered the producer’s house, all the nights they’d been invited there by the bartender, most of those nights the producer wasn’t home. He’d been filming them, her husband that is, in their favorite bedroom. She was doing what he wanted, making him happy, being herself even though some of it she didn’t like but you were supposed to please your husband, and in turn he should please you, you were supposed to be able to let him see the worst things and it would all be ok because you knew his too. What she didn’t know! “Look how unhappy I was” she was surprised to see the story her eyes told. “No wonder people take my writing the way they do. I’m very obviously there. This is me… and… doesn’t it make sense why everyone thinks I’m an actress.”

The room had become quiet. Did they realize what had happened? Maybe. She didn’t know she was being filmed, well, had been. Was there any victory here? Maybe if he was making money. “Wow, how lovely I was then, sexy, and flexible” she spoke softly, absentmindedly. She rallied, “Well, I never signed a release. Someone owes me a salary, a pretty hefty one.” She turned toward the host of the event. Everyone was hanging their heads in shame.

“Where did you get this?”

Autumnal Equinox 2017

What does it mean? Nothing according to retail as visions of Christmas crop up alongside Halloween with no mention of Thanksgiving until it’s time to buy a turkey. Still I’m in 1000% long weekend mode believing Monday is Sunday feeling there should be a few more days off, paid days off before back to the grind. Gotta love relax mode but don’t worry, at least I’m not that I’ll face reality tomorrow. I’ll go to work. Promise.

What a weekend though, cooking up a storm, watching movies, shows, brush teeth later than earlier… why is that a luxury… eewww, gross…. but to a child it’s a sign of no school when we wash up later. Let the festivities continue… and sleep late if you can. How nice to rise early to enjoy the peacefulness with no demands of the day, to play games without interruption to catch the school bus.

It’s the little things.

I love September. Can’t wait for cooler weather to win out over 80 degrees. Time for change.

The Heat Kicks Ah-Hahn


The heat kicks on

A surprise


Been off so many days

My head swimming in my sinuses


Thanks to all this rain


Made espresso earlier

So far I’m two-shots in

Out of half n half so sad

You say what!

A habit I began in Italy

When in Rome I lived

Unlike the Romans


Any other milk t’is sin

But for now no worry

Later on I’ll see


Another stanza?



For now I’ll make toast while I think


So, so, so… so,


Cheesy garlic bread instead


A movie I remembered I didn’t like

But forgot why so

Watched it again


Reminded me of me

If I met an angel of light

I’d think he was bad

Most likely stab him like she did

Then a scene I’d completely forgot

The actress pregnant really

Getting into a tub side view

Over share I could’ve lived without

Light bulb clicks

I remembered reading it somewhere


Finally the end

She gives her life

She had to

She’d still be pregnant otherwise

Standing in full view

Even with clothes

Would special effects cover that?

Probably costs less if they don’t



The credits rolled and I said yeah

It all comes back

As sarcasm do

Feigned suspense

Credits held more than the plot


There’s an idea

Until next time


The End

Day 24 Of A New Year


It finally happened! The font defaulted to Times New Roman! My efforts have not been in vain.


Drinking in the peace while I can and detecting a strange sound from beyond…like either the bathroom or bedroom. Hmm… maybe the people downstairs, not under the stairs. The way this place is built there’d be no space for them. Then again the fridge makes strange moans, groans and clicks from time to time. It was a clicking like a horror movie insect… one of those big ones. By the glow of the fragrance warmer I don’t detect antennae anywhere. Nothing jumped out or grabbed me making high-pitched squeaking sounds injecting me with … whatever … to liquefy my innards when I checked my grandson and the bathroom. In fact the only sound was his breathing. Would t’were Saturday.


There you have a sampler of horror movies I’ve watched beginning way back. Most are the old black and white ones. Yes, more than one.


Time for espresso.





Which Movies


You know that part where they kiss

On his marriage raft enclosed in bed curtains drifting

For some reason I muse do you have to act

Horns and that kind of grin

Then I thought, “Did I fall asleep at this part

Doesn’t make sense

Don’t remember it being this … in … volve… d … ”

I know the sensation of that first kiss

Too many times with the wrong guy…

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t that many

I believe in picking myself up, keep going

Dusting myself off

But not that many

Not that I don’t…



Never mind

Whew, narrow escape that one


Moving on


What if I butt in on a scene if I were close by

And make a comment, a gibe

“What he was trying to say

Hitting the sake means they had too much to drink

Just an idiom”

I’d look at them, aiming at him, shake my head in woe

Continue on my way

Born in a Borough you know how it’d sound

A noted NY place

The accent is me

Nothing but authenticity


You know I would be


Two of my favorites

Similar genre in individual lights

A good way to fall into sleep

Getting cozy at night