What Inspires



Inspirationless not

At peace is what it is

And I understand why

When dirges stop

It’s necessary to have a clothing line


Or something else to fall back on


But I’m not that kind of famous

So what will I do?

Guess I’ll keep writing

Through hell, high water

Peace on earth


For what it’s worth


The dryer just stopped

Those clothes I’ll get

Espresso by my side

Grandson in view

Sun shining through though rain was predicted


What do they know?

As they say

I’m not worried

Did I tell you I finally ended the dragon game?

What a bust


Guess it wasn’t prepared for the level I’d gained

Or winning all leagues

What can I say?

There’s none like me

Really for that matter like you


Lazy Saturday

Can’t go wrong

Hey think I still have cartoons

On a VHS tape

Means I still have a player


Saturday can’t get better




Remember The Tingler


Why is my arm tingly though I’m awake

Come back to me stop hurting

I’m moving you’re circulating, gee whiz

Or you should be

I hate this feeling

Small load of laundry on

Wee hours rate’s the best

Favorite show’s not available yet

Someone slammed a door across the hall

Or was it downstairs

Shook the whole place

Washed a few dishes

That helped get my arm back

Well my fingers anyway

They’re the problem

The first three

Feels better


Dry hands

Where’s the lotion



You know it

I’ll get there

Right now I’m here



Wash has finished

Guess now’s the time

Hang this and that

The rest in the dryer

And coffee is mine


Coffee’s on




A Few More Days in February


Tired. A long day with sick infants and one was missing, stayed home with a temp, but another might stay home tomorrow. Ready to lay back and let sleep take me. Everyone loves unseasonably warm including the germs that breed themselves into flu.

I’ll get a jumpstart on tomorrow. Nodding a bit as I write.


And I did fall asleep. It was impossible to keep my eyes open. Didn’t even put a movie in to help with the cause. Had a mind to watch (fall asleep to) the rest of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland and Basil Rathbone, one of the greats, but never got there. Maybe after work today.


As I’d started to say I’m not fooled by the warm. I know winter will be back and with a vengeance it seems. Freezing drizzle early this morning, below freezing now, will make it to a balmy 32 degrees by this afternoon. Oh, no, I stand corrected… a balmy 33.


I’ll dress warm.