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You Missed It


I’ve been here to grow old with the whole time

But you weren’t there

Didn’t come

Never turned up


Now the condition of my body is more of a scare

At least I think so

To an outsider anyway

Looking for a smoother face


A youthful outline


You didn’t show

To build memories with one who could care

Passionately so

Each wrinkle or scar has a story to tell


And each one you’d have known so well


Like a traveled map

Run your finger over trace

This one’s me, this one’s…

Doesn’t matter being one


Well, could have been


You weren’t there

Opportunity lost Odysseus, sail, sail, sail

Here I am in Autumn years

Who I am I wouldn’t trade


I could’ve been really cool to know


But you missed it




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What’s My Line



“I know who you are”


“Yes, you were in that movie!”

“What movie?”


He told me the name of the movie. When I realized what he was talking about I mentioned the actress.


“You think I’m her.”

“Yes! It’s you!”

“I’m not her.”


He became serious, and nodded. He just knew he knew my secret and I wanted to keep it that way so I could enjoy my visit in peace. (We’d been discussing the view and the Eye) I knew he’d tell his friends he’d met an actress no matter what I said.





The Prompt: a sculpture that can be seen at Cardiff Bay in Wales.