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Should Have Kept The Pain Not: Day 3 Of A New Year


But in my case it wouldn’t have been very profitable. Not like one of those rapper guys. Once you sing out the pain and make a fortune, once life changes and you’re not on the street anymore what do you sing about? You don’t worry about it. Act a little, open a clothing line, keep making money, and keep busy. Never having been in that kind of limelight oh well, losing the pain / having the pain doesn’t matter. No one gives it a second thought. Have I made it to my windowsill in my quart baggie and rolled across the street into the ocean? “Now what” indeed! Do I need something gut wrenching to inspire enough words to get at least a novelette, what do they call them, novella, to get a novella out of it. Think.


Nah … just something inspiring. That’s it. As it goes, ‘tell me something good’…



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Writing Something


Quick quick I’m running out of time

Then the font is wrong again

How many times must I make New Roman my default

Honestly when will this new upgrade get it straight

And so many typos

Am I all thumbs

Maybe not sitting right




Write something was on my mind

But orders gone astray

And customer service calls took up my time

So with minutes ticking before I get dressed for work and catch my bus

I sit with cleansing cream on my face

Typing furiously

Hoping for something to say


Type something

Type something






Now exercise and get dressed within only minutes to spare