Wise Women









We met on a train

Both heading toward Greece

She to a small town

Me to Thessaloniki


She’d said I’m her first American friend

An historic day

It was 2010


So personable, so much promise

I was impressed

With the Engineering student competing

Building robots with her team

So much younger than me but together

We were ageless


Around we went


To all the favorite student places

You see I’d chosen a place they loved to go

Not that I knew

I didn’t

But I found out the best to enjoy during my stay

Representing very well her home country and me


Everyone around the world should be this way

Differences between us all could not exist

They wouldn’t

Later she left for her connecting train

I walked her there

Ciao, Ciao

We’ve kept in touch till this very day


Yes, even now


I sat at a bistro like other Europeans

New found knowledge abound

A real part of them I am

Next to flower boxes looking across the street

Not the flower boxes looking but me; I’m doing the looking

At the sea



(There’s a better way to put that I don’t doubt. Maybe later I’ll figure it all out and edit this piece with my audience unawares. Though I told you won’t know when. What fun!)



On the street cars fly by

Lending a contradiction to the peace I can’t help but feel

Just beyond assorted boats dot the surface, making specs

On the border of the sky

Is that a battleship there, right there, look, straight ahead?


Do you see?


Interesting thoughts occur that this place knows

So much more than me, and that

Everywhere but my country is prepared for anything

Because of venerable experience

What they’ve been through, I know it would be


We’re young yet


A few days later at a new favorite café

It’s my turn to spend the moments before I board the train

To marvel one last time

At the unique scenery I will leave behind


Macedonian churches in the middle of buildings

Seeming out of place, but they were

Built long before these apartments existed

Before there were a trace, and now

Some look dilapidated, some are tall

Together they make an eccentric horizon

Eclectic taste

As if the streets were an elongated desk and churches

Were paperweights of monstrous size that

Anchor the buildings down; unmovable, strong, keeping leafs

From flying, held in place, tethered against any storm


A vision timeless where they belong

As I pull away

That will never leave my mind

In a private compartment I sit

Till the next country I arrive