Waiting For The Alarm And It’s August Already 2017

Thought I was rising at an A.M. hour and I am I guess at 5, well, 4:59, but that’s more toward getting up soon rather than having time to go back to sleep after potting around the internet, finding a movie to watch to lull me back.

There goes the alarm… no worries, I’m up.

Time to make a smoothie… and I haven’t checked my email yet with the weather update to see what it might bring. Hear it’ll be cooling down. Nice. Anyway, smoothie.


Fresh peach blend hit the spot, and the sun is rising on a day that’s supposed to rain. Works for me. Lord, it’s Wednesday… that means, Thursday, Friday, and the weekend.

That works too.




There We Go – April Of That New Year 2017

The cursor was stuck so I rebooted the page as I was zoning thinking about making espresso. Yesterday sprinkling Demerara sugar over froth, oh so carefully I thought, a huge lump made a splash. “That’s sweet and light” crossed my mind. When the beverage was almost done like a child I made the slurpy-vacuum and turned the cup up to get as much off the bottom as I could. Waste not.

Up early before light, wouldn’t miss it – showered, put laundry away, did this and that including dumping trash, have windows open this early listening to birds argue amongst themselves. They finally finished off the cookies I’d put out. Wonder what they’d think of a lump of cookie dough?

Let’s find out.




Saturday & More Sunshine April 2017

I’m not certain what happened but I slept soundly… woke a couple of times, the first time thought to begin a wash, konked back out to the length of a movie – on a Back To The Future bender, that I never saw – woke briefly to switch to the dryer, put on another chapter and back out I went. Woke early and finished up the job. Took a walk across the highway for the heavier-items-shopping I didn’t want to carry on the way home from work last night and life is good.

I will tackle the fish tank today. It’s getting dirty and I know it needs a better pump… for now it’ll have to make do with getting its sides wiped down, some fresh water and the magical potion that helps keep water clear. Should at least pick up a filter…

That said I guess I’ll head out again. Will I just take a gander across the street or head into town? We shall see…

Yawning I Am, Title Can’t Think


Yawning I am

Coffee not yet

Must be in Yoda mode

But I’m not one of those

Whatever a Star Wars-zer is called

Who has important opinions

Criticizing directors

How it should’ve been filmed

This time around it’s about time

On and on

I like science fiction but believe there’s a time to stop

End with dignity before that window closes

Closing… closing…

Let’s win the war before Vader’s great grandkids come up with more bad


As I go further down the tangent

Though the muse won’t let go

Come back Luke come back

No, stay in the mountains where vanity abounds

Hiding solves it all

Women have more chutzpah


Heh, don’t I know


On a peaceful Sunday that promises rain

So much rain

Undaunted birds sing

I’m siding with them

There I go yawning




Day 6 Of a New Year



A few minutes before I get my snow boots on and we’re in the single digits. Hair’s still damp from the morning shower so that’ll be frozen as I walk. That’s ok, it’s Friday and two days off follow besides the weather says the sun is peeking out today and after the weekend it’ll warm up again, well, to above freezing anyway.


Look at the time. Need to begin layering my layers.




The Page Is Blank No More


Well the title takes care of that. Enjoying the peace once again. The neighbors in the adjacent and lower apartments have finally called it a night – nice of them to throw in the towel around 5 a.m. This isn’t campus but the real world or it’s supposed to be. Still I wonder if they think because it’s a college town they have the right. One of these days they’ll act up in the wrong place like those Olympians did. Enjoy your consequences. Hope I’m a safe distance away when I read about them. Thanks for the inspiration nonetheless. Would I have come up with something to write about anyway? I hope so.


So what else? A slight chill because my heat isn’t on yet. The weather has been cooperative and not quite at freezing. The sun shining through the glass doors warms everything nicely maintaining through most of the night. A healthier way to sleep I hear but I wouldn’t mind a fireplace. I wonder how long I’d keep just warm enough and turning on the heat at bay. I grew up with such ideas. My father was a misplaced pioneer. First he had a coal burning stove in the basement to heat the house, then moved on to a wood burning stove, or was it the other way around. Then the furnace was replaced. It was nothing to rise and feed the stove but a treat to have the heat set to run on its own. Living in northern Italy near the Alps the only insulation my room had was shutters on the windows. Beautiful, brisk… Blankets and dressing warm made sense along with hot cocoa, espresso, and hot toddies.


And so ends my Sunday good-morning. It’s still dark at 5:21. Maybe hot cider for a change. Just bought more cinnamon sticks…