Christmas Stocking


Laptop on the monopoly game

On the coffee table just within reach

Slippers tangled in the power cord

Could be warm otherwise nothing to see

Leftover coffee at my side

Steaming just enough

iPad poised on the corner

iPhone positioned on top

Check the dragons to see what’s next


But first


Assemble a Christmas gift

Ensure it works

No heartbreak Christmas day

Yeah it does but quality now is lower case

These days it isn’t the same

Crazy glue rescues that good thing

How the world has changed

Heat kicks on rumbles low

Keeping 18 degrees outside

That residual smell in the air

Warmth is there

Bringing memories to mind


Not this time




Bad Hair Day


No one’s beautiful wife rose early as she did

Silently crept disturbing no one’s sleep

Looked out the window giving a peek

To the parasitic tree

The mistletoe such significance

But she was no one’s beautiful wife


Standing over the stove creating

Silently she stirred as daylight rose

The curtains drawn back

Such a sight covering trunk and branch

Those special berries poisonous

We stand beneath and kiss


But she was no one’s beautiful wife

Silently she stood listening outside a door

Peaceful sleeping gentle breath

A good rest health restored

A sigh of relief no one heard

From no one’s beautiful wife



The prompt this week being: …those special berries…