Oh No!


I wasn’t certain, thinking Fat Tuesday’d be March 2nd but that’s a Thursday so we’re certainly not having a Fat Thursday. Come to find out it’s February 27th and not March at all. Guess I’ll have to get with it and get the classroom board together for an adaptation of Mardi Gras featuring my 1-year olds. I’m not worried; it’ll be awesome.


On that note and it having been an exhausting day as my kids regrouped from being away from school for the weekend picking up on their old habits they can only get away with at home… I’m going to kick back with my grandson and watch Scooby Doo and something to do with a Samurai Sword.




Which Movies


You know that part where they kiss

On his marriage raft enclosed in bed curtains drifting

For some reason I muse do you have to act

Horns and that kind of grin

Then I thought, “Did I fall asleep at this part

Doesn’t make sense

Don’t remember it being this … in … volve… d … ”

I know the sensation of that first kiss

Too many times with the wrong guy…

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t that many

I believe in picking myself up, keep going

Dusting myself off

But not that many

Not that I don’t…



Never mind

Whew, narrow escape that one


Moving on


What if I butt in on a scene if I were close by

And make a comment, a gibe

“What he was trying to say

Hitting the sake means they had too much to drink

Just an idiom”

I’d look at them, aiming at him, shake my head in woe

Continue on my way

Born in a Borough you know how it’d sound

A noted NY place

The accent is me

Nothing but authenticity


You know I would be


Two of my favorites

Similar genre in individual lights

A good way to fall into sleep

Getting cozy at night