Looks Like We May Not Get A Dead Of Winter As February Winds Down

Waiting for a new word document to open up, sitting feeling chilly – not a bad chilly being in the 50s outside and comfortable inside but like I could use a pair of slippers which I’m about to get. Woke a 2 – figured I’d do a couple of things to get drowsy again, possibly throw espresso into the mix. Wish I had half and half… I hate the way regular milk makes it taste (why at all you ask, just a crazy way I like my espresso) … prefer my fat milk instead. May that be the worst of my troubles on any given day. Now why do you supposed the spell check wants a question mark at the end of that… Guess I’ll tell it ignore then save though I don’t have a title yet so it can stop underlining it in green. Put on a wash too – think the rates are better this time of night, or morning more accurate. And I am felling tired… no, I’m feeling tired. Good time to stop. Think I’ll put my head down…


Day 2 Of A New Year


Hello 4am My Old Friend

Here we are

Sitting together again


I’d gotten a lot of sleep beginning with nodding on and off through James Bond no less, you’d think that kind of action’d keep me awake. Maybe the walk I took before settling in had something to do with it. Now I’m deciding if I want to take another walk to the market after it opens this morning. I can’t help but notice all this thinking is making me drowsy. The best idea might just be to see where I’d left off with the movie and get comfortable.


Yes, that’s definitely a plan.

Early This Morning



I rose early hours to sneak across the street

Not that it wasn’t light

It was but not bright

Not yet

But peaceful, so quiet


Getting back


I walk through the dew with sandals

Eww… cold wet feet

They’ll dry

To my ramps on and off

I cross the highway

One car passes by

A half-hearted attempt to break the sound barrier

“You first” shimmers through my mind

Under cables I limbo to reach the other side




I adore 24-hour stores

And shopping when no one’s awake

Shelves are stocked

Floors buffed bright

What a delight

Well, not the floors so much

But being able to shop without crowds

The smells of coffee even there

As café counters wake

Bread is baked food cooking

Cold cuts unwrapped and placed

We sleepy smile at each other and nod

Those of us who simply must be

I find my few things

The reasons for my quest

Others enter now

They begin but I’m done

I commune with an electronic teller and leave

No penny exchange

Cards and promises remain

Better hold up my end

Not like I’ll be giving it back

Whatever the future holds


I make my way home

Across ramps, under cables

Allow cars to zoom past

Four or five more than before

Still peaceful enough

A cool morning too


Unpack my bag so I can write

Make espresso

Get comfortable a red pillow on the floor

A coffee table named rightly so

Words’d been running through my mind as I’d stepped out the door

You know, as I was walking through dew

I thought, “Damn, wrong time to type (confounded muse)

Hope I remember something when I get back

Interesting what inspires, those simple things

Like a walk across the highway to get to a store…”


Well that’s it

Going to freshen up my espresso

Think of something to watch

Vampires my preference for Sunday


But I may not disturb this peace yet

Food for thought

I don’t know

A day off, chillaxin’

No pressing place to go

Checking The Thesaurus: Another Word For Muse Noun Or Verb – Decision’s Yours



Well hello

Three fifty-two is no hour to wake

But it won’t let me sleep

Even the movie I chose to lull me back

Can’t win

It’s been a while but that’s alright

It’ll have its audience

So I type, I write


Four cents in royalty

Well what do you call that!

Thank-you for reading

The expression goes

“I wouldn’t give you a nickel”

I’ve won then

I’ve won it today


A few days ago when it posted


A yawn

A good sign

I’ll put the movie back in soon

Maybe catch another hour

I do love this time

And the peace of the night

Technically morning

Accurately so



Hearing odd sounds

I’ll get up to see

BRB as it goes

I hope

An emoticon of concern I’d insert

I’m back (baaa-ack)

The house is settling it seems to be

Esse quam videre

To be rather than seem


Now I want to buy more Latin books

Brush up on vocabulary

Time to get back to school


Hey! I bought a pair of PJs at Vicky’s

Black top, pants with pink champagne flutes

Look at the time

Should try to catch a wink

One ought to do


Nice taking to you