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What was I thinking

Before the ritual began?

Move the laptop

Fix the cord

Plug it in here

Get in position

Leave the movie on for a change

But how will I think without silence

A love story though it is I’m watching

Well ok, remember, when was it?

That night

No it was morning

Early A.M.

The dark morning before daylight began


I came to as the wind was blowing

Whipping around the house

The windows were open

I heard it

But I wanted to sleep


As it blew in past the curtains into my face

A perfect chill

I was awake

It woke me you see


You must understand now listen to me


I didn’t want to stir

The alarm had gone off and I wanted more sleep

Simple enough

Just this time

My choice

But the wind stirred instead


Beginning at the end of the house and whipping around rustling leaves

It burst through my window with such icy chill

Refreshing still

That my eyes snapped open

I sat up

Like a lover I thought, but whom?

It excited me


I changed position and sat in my chair to begin the chant

Recollect, calm, to see

Who could it be?

Who, whom, hmmm

I looked within deeply, so deeply

Blackness, peaceful darkness

Then like a feed it began to play

I was in a gym, a school gym clearly

He burst through a door

Yes, burst in wearing a ski mask


He stood behind me

Music began

Electrifying guitar

We danced

Close behind fully clothed

Pay no mind that he danced closer

I felt him so hard through his jeans

I was off my feet leaning back on his lap as he stood and danced

Somehow my body was caressed every inch

Up, down, around all while he stayed, stood behind


It felt good


With a start I opened my eyes

No music did I hear

No gym did I see

Only my tiny room and the curtains blowing

Daylight about to break

Who was he?

Who is he?

My body tingled

But his face I did not see

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Sunshine On My Shoulders


The alarm rang at 5:30 a.m. “Just one minute more, no, might sleep too long.” She dozed opening her eyes at 6. “A real fix… 30 minutes to get out… I’m tired, no coffee today.” She stopped back at the café for her second cup in the afternoon. “One shot instead of three, much better. No burning sensation. Don’t need it to stay awake. I just like it, I do.” Her thoughts interrupted by a clanging… bell… gong… then, in the middle of the noise she shot straight up in bed. Grabbing the clock with a half-numbed hand she squinted at its face. It was 5:30.




Prompt: “…then, in the middle of the noise…”

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#169