In Broad Daylight Still April 2017

Warm enough to keep the windows open at night and sleep comfortably, up early as light begins to break, sun shining, breeze blowing, would t’were all Saturdays be this glorious. Should have have put this in verse? I’m not worried. Thinking of more coffee and possibly toast. Don’t know anything else about this day except to enjoy it.

Grandson: Do pigs like eggs?

Grandma: I don’t know. I guess if eggs were mixed up in slop pigs wouldn’t care.

Grandson: In Angry Birds pigs like eggs.

Then the grandson rambles on about driving.

Grandma: Are you driving an egg?

Grandson: Shck…wha…! This is a racing game!


And so boundaries of reality are blurred. Then again… are they?





Not As Many Days As I Thought Would Pass Feb 2017


Just a couple since the last time. For a short week it’s been a long week if you know what I mean. We had Monday off for teacher conferences whittling it down to four days for kids, not for parents unless you could take the day. Originally there was a threat of freezing drizzle that never happened. I’d commented to a parent picking up his child about it’d be nice if we could know ahead of time so things could be closed – really more of a joke about weather being a little more cooperative possibly convenient with a concern for safety but it backfired – he barked on about the ice, and what are we supposed to do if we have to work, can’t just take days off like you people can, waa, waa, waa. ‘Whoa dude, I work at a daycare. Exactly how much do you think I make that I can just take days off… I mean, ok, we’d get paid for it but still… ouch’ but I can’t say those kind of things to a parent. I zip my lip and remain respectful, listen attentively, and wish them all a good evening, which doesn’t change the fact I was a parent once and had to go through it. Somehow it all worked out, we survived it and sometimes I didn’t get paid because I didn’t have time left. Ice is treacherous. Best not to get out in it at all in any case and I’m not afraid of inclement weather. I’m from the east, a New Yorker by birth and used to blizzards, power going off and my parents going on about how they should get a generator for when these things happen but at least there was a gas stove upstairs so we could cook, schools closed for days at a time, busses having chains on their wheels to help with traction, but ice always trumped it all. No one ever stood or stands a chance unless you’re James Bond with a car that can skate. That’d work.


Right now I’m digging the sounds of my dryer in the background. I can’t tell you how cool it is to be able to wash my clothes at home, scared to death of the next utility bill, but digging the sounds nonetheless. It’s the little things…


Tried Borsch for the first time. We’ve a little Polish place in town that makes an acceptable espresso though Friday I walked on the wild side and went soup, very good, very healthy and a nice change. Speaking of espresso might just go for a cappuccino this morning.


As always digging the peace of just before dawn, yeah I had to set the font again. One of these days it’s going to set itself and I won’t have to. It’s like saving sign-in information. A little box always pops up asking me if I want the laptop to remember, I say yes, and the next time I log in we go through it all again. So far a couple of my sites have retained the information. It took several times, it finally happened. We’re getting there.









“How could you have reacted that way in class Soren? Blurting out the story of Abraham and Isaac to use against my “Madman” lecture, working in your ‘knight of faithful infinite resignation’ as if there were hope of proving a point!”

“Well Freidrich, in my lecture “Preliminary Expectoration…”

“Expectoration! I think the reason you favor the madman is you two have so much in common… An underlying reflection? Your id battling your ego in a losing battle? If the id wins so does the madman. The only thing that could possibly overcome your id is your ego.”

“My ego… !”





100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups:

The Prompt:

What are they saying?




They’d Just Met



“It’s like being in a daze”, Naomi was saying. “You finally get the one thing you like to do and there’s a breeze – you feel alive. It’s surprising how seldom I come across what I’m certified for. Here you’re dealing with the UN. Cooperation maybe. There it’s one culture so for the most part there shouldn’t be serious opposition except people have their opinions, each the right ones, or historic issues that they consider one another an abomination.”


She sighed at the array of copies for class that covered her desk.


“What was it I need to remember about this next group?”


Grace shook her head.



The prompt this week is:

…I need to remember…