Who’s On First?




Fresh crisp liquid I savor

As an elegant pearl onion works its way

Through crushed ice

To a pinnacle, yes, at the bottom of the glass

Crystal frosted etched design



Like my grandfather used to make

That brought a tear to my eye

Way back when


Another with broken icebergs


As a second pearl rests

Still, sophisticated

I drink and am awakened

I absorb flavors deep

And exhale heady refreshness

The world sparkles

Eyes shine


A pitchfork swizzle, I spear my jewel prize

Glass chink-clinks

And I imagine years past

Strapless dresses

Straight skirts and suits

A ceiling fan hums


Of all the gin joints

I hear in my mind

But it was only a movie


Cold steam in my eyes

We’ll always have Martini

Drink deep, I imbibe