And Gunther Was His Name-O

I felt happy though I didn’t know why

For the past couple of days a lightening of spirit


Arnold makes cappuccino in huge cups like him

I shouldn’t be surprised with skulls no hearts


Sprinkled cinnamon design or was it cocoa

Hope he used Italian espresso at least

I’ll say it was good, don’t know

As I sip mine in a cappuccino cup designed in Italy


It’s early yet no light no sun hours to go

Anyway I watched that movie because he was in it

Though more tan half went by before I saw him

Different and interesting flick

Comedy not too gross not exactly family

But I appreciate the grownup aim like in kids cartoons gone by

Wouldn’t mind owning a copy


Clothing in the dryer tumble

Think the washer is rinsing that second time







Day 10 Of A New Year



What a magnificent sleep I had last night. Took good medicine – thanks Walgreens for having Sudafed on sale – got under a pile of blankets… cozy warm and slept like a log as it goes. Should I be happy that I no longer have a reason to call in at work? Well… I could be rotten and call in anyway… nah… from what I hear although it’s in the 50s right now that ice mess is coming back Thursday night, so who knows how it’s going to pan out. Might turn into a treacherous 3-day weekend. Wait, that’d be treacherous 4-day weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Day celebrated on Monday unless of course it becomes 50 again on Sunday. This is the mid-west after all.


I’ve just had the overwhelming desire to clean off my desk. Poor thing is drowning in a stack of receipts not that I needed the holiday to add to it but it certainly did. Think I’ll cooperate with the bug that bit.




Feel Like Writing Something


I tell you I just wanted to write something, anything… Up early while it’s still dark that I haven’t done in such a long while but what am I doing instead? Browsing through websites, shopping for clothes I don’t need, didn’t I manage a VS order of over 300 bucks? Yeah, by their standards that’s what – 2 tops or one bra? Now what? Should I push “place order” or just leave it there? May get up in half a mo to make coffee, sneak around while a child gently snores – what a pleasure he’s here. With my own place I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like; no morning hugs every day, no how was your day tell me all about kindergarten, nothing. We get a babysitting weekday and weekends. Precious time, it always was precious time.

I hear the sounds of air conditioning units in the background. It’s 50 degrees outside, why on earth would you want air conditioning on? Don’t people realize they can just open windows and have a cool place without jacking up the electric bill? How nice not to worry about that but I’d be too cold in any case. I prefer the morning breeze and a warm sweater. Healthier I think.

Can’t afford the newspaper; I mean 6 bucks just because it’s Sunday? Seriously? Must be extra special news or am I being charged for the coupon sheets that are included? Not much of a discount. Better off just shopping and forgetting about the paper.

There goes that AC unit again. Must have the thing set on ‘snow”. Wonder if that could happen. Up for coffee I go. If I still my mind and focus on deafening silence I’ll get some inspiration to write.

A hint of daylight is beginning to outline the sliding doors to the balcony…


Better get a sweater…


Maybe Another Pillow



She lay across the bed on a soft pillow settling in with Stephen King, one of her favorite authors of suspense and the macabre. No spring chicken but she wasn’t dead yet, she looked over at the light on her desk. Would it reach?


“If the print’s big enough and it’s bright enough I shouldn’t have a problem.”


She began the first paragraph getting through all right, only twice she had to angle the book so she could see better.


“More light. I need more light.”


She dropped her head catching an eyeful of her own cleavage nicely shaped in her v’d cashmere sweater the pillow was molding.


“Those were the days. That’ll change as soon as I stand.” She looked around the room. “Nothing but crappy lighting here. No standing lamps, nothing easy to move. How am I going to get better lighting and be able to stay right where I am and be comfortable?”


She lay there listening to the tocking of the small clock on the top shelf.


“I’ll try again.”



Mornings Like This


I had a dream

You walked up to me and I was surprised

What are you doing here as we embraced

Where were we you know how dreams can be

It didn’t matter

It was just good to see you

All so clear as you looked at me

Then I woke with a start. Twenty minutes had passed since the alarm rang. It could’ve been worse but as I looked at the cell an expletive slipped out. Up I leapt, into the shower I darted scrubbing myself triple speed though thorough. Running around in my towel I completed the morning routine, every last thing. Even grabbed stragglers left behind in the dryer to fold, am I insane, I had no extra time to spare but I did it anyway besides weeding clothing out of a dresser drawer to contribute elsewhere as I organized socks. Someone stop me! Into new shoes, am I insane again, but I couldn’t resist the thought of dry feet for a change instead of suede soaking up dew as I crossed under the overpass. One of the last things I decided on was a pair of sandals in case these hurt for any reason, so smart this time around. Realizing I needed a little something to eat to get me through the day I threw yogurt and an apple into my small travel pack, grabbed fingerless gloves ran toward the front door and another expletive slipped. I’d forgotten to fold up blankets and store pillows so the couch could be a couch again glad I was too lazy to open the Castro the night before. As I ran passed the clock on the way out, well, that was utterance the third, but at least I’m on my way. No! The cell was still plugged into the wall. I spun around, fumbled with the key at the door in the morning still dark now gritting my teeth, “I don’t need this”, grabbed it and the charger, gently pulled the door closed for the last time and off I almost ran in a shot. This was definitely going to be good cardio and me.

The shoes worked, my feet stayed dry and didn’t hurt me as I strode. Don’t ask how but I reached the cappuccino stop the same time I always do and was early as I usually am at my destination. Thanks time for standing still. I told the secretary “I don’t know how I managed this. I remember thinking I’d better get up before I fall back to sleep then lifted my head 20 minutes later.” Getting organized in my room I took a moment and sent a text, “I had a dream about you and it was so clear. I gave you a big hug and asked what you were doing here. You told me something to do with business but Jersey?”

And so my day began grinning ear-to-ear.




As the waves gently lapped

I see

Silver foam fingers reaching

Drawing me

From sand and the blanket I lay

They beckon


Cool down, come hither


I sit up, I consider

As the sun grips my shoulders

I let imagination run

Creative relaxation

Could be fun



If a whale swallowed me whole

Could I be Gepetto and survive?

Or maybe Jonah reborn?

Will someone slit the belly?

So I’m released

Contingent if it’s beached


Shouldn’t Pinocchio be included in the rhyme?



The Sandman at my side

I stretched back in the sun

Breath matching the tide

Until it pulls away

Right here I stay




your prompt this week is:

… as the waves gently lapped I ….