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Doodling On A Cloudy Day


Ain’t got nothin’ to lose if you’ve lost

Ain’t got nothin’ to lose there’s no cost

The only loss is if you snooze so give it a shot

Ain’t got nothin’ to lose now

They say no so what

Ain’t got nothin’ to lose

The world s an oyster as it goes

I hate oysters

How about you

Clams are better

Why can’t the world be your Cherrystone Clam


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Is that what it is when we thank an object for opening when we’re in a hurry, let’s say, for our lives leaving the threat secured away… though it’s not really? We need to get away there’s that


“thank you” we breathe as we slip through. “I needed someone just for the moment, thanks for standing by me. Is this karma, I need karma on my side…” You’ve got to admit something is felt, an emotional relief at some level before the bad guy finds another way in, or can we just move on to the next scene…

I was watching a favorite movie and the familiar scene happened, this time it struck me. In a panic, mind blown, nothing else by his side he thanked the electronic pass swipe that unlocked the gate and let him through and I thought of all the times I’ve spoken to inanimate things, to my laptop for instance, the device at the grocery store to pay as the prompts come up telling me not to remove my card because it’s processing. “I won’t, don’t worry.” 

“29.04 is this correct?”

I nod my head “yes it is” …and push ok.

“Please wait while your transaction is processed”

“ok” I say.

“Do not remove your card”

“I won’t (wouldn’t dream of it)” and the screen changes

“Do not remove card” flashes again

“No worries” I say.

Finishing beeps tell me it’s complete.

“Please remove card” 

“I will thank-you” I say.

And the cashier laughs at me or with me?