Belt It Out





Seems all the rage.


Will there be more inspiration today? I won’t say they’re a good class just yet. They could crack before day’s end, but so far so good. We’re over it: it’s a sub was so five minutes ago.


First class after this an elective. Can’t complain. Bathroom break 20 minutes long? No such thing in my day. Instructors didn’t have that much compassion.


Looking out the window as the mice are away:


Morning sun turns to haze wrapping up school’s final days

Would t’were they’d planned snow time better

Critical thinking would rule

So we’d get out for Memorial Day

Picnics, parties

Celebration surrounds school’s out

But no

We pay the price for time off

Shoveling snow

Adults not on our side

Not on their own too

Hearing some lament it so

We’re all stuck until first week of June

In the classroom

On gorgeous summer days

Here we stay

Can’t get out of here too soon

General consensus in the room


Well, that’s it in a nutshell but in comparing schedules, the teacher whose place I’m taking and the other teacher’s next door, a mishap or typo – 10-minute bathroom break sounds more like it.


Until next time!


Swimming In Ice Cream

A mind completely blank

Words congested, no flow

Don’t like the feeling I’m telling you

Time for a hot drink

Add ingredient to heal


Make a potion, do the trick

Fill my being with warmth


Shortness of breathing

Get out of my way

Redwood cue collide

I am strong being woman

Iron daisy maybe, a titanium silver rose

Should have something to say

Deep within this, I knows

All’s good in my ‘hood’.

Let’s see if my absurdity works and I’m suddenly filled with prose. I, genuinely, was a bit under the weather yesterday – feeling dizzy and bronchitis-style conjested that should be spelled c-o-n-g-e-s-t-e-d, so, mildly delirious from lack of oxygen am I the player as jester taking a bow? Conjested – with jest – from Middle English that Hobbits would know or my Latin / English brain running amuck – give it a rest or do I need to.

And that is my brain for today. What genre would you call this?

From the health and well-being side, I’d made myself a toddy last night comprised of Bushmills, sherry, honey and fresh lemon, thrown together in a small saucepan and brought to a bubble. After that it was down the hatch (into a mug first, not from the pan – jeeez) as hot as I could stand it. I got comfy on the couch, my grandson came close speaking softly, ‘rest Myas’ giving me a gentle kiss on the forehead. I know a good part of what ails me is sinus thanks to the weather’s condition. There’s nothing like a toddy to put things back in the light. Yes, I’m feeling much better, though I’m thinking for tonight I may go another. (You know that’s right)

It is time for an espresso, a hot breakfast sandwich for the little man, a slice or two of toast for me. As good as any plan, here I goes …

Ciao, ciao.


Resolution And Old Lang Syne

For whatever reason I was compelled (not hot-monster vampire compelled but flash-fervored to research compelled) to look up resolution. It means decision as well as the level of clarity, how well an image can be seen. So when we make resolutions it ought be a firm resolve that is of such detail and clarity it will be done. If that were true we’d never break our New Year’s resolutions. I think a lot of times we make them out of zeal, then again as much as we can figure-in to be prepared for as we follow through, there could be something we didn’t see coming. Now this resolve for the most part, includes past reflection and future projection, or as many of our cultures that make us refer to as planning for the next 7 years – being prepared for many outcomes. Sounds like way too much work all of a sudden. Nah, we’ll make them anyway, wouldn’t be New Year’s if we didn’t.

Past reflection and a classic song:

I know when my family was larger, all the relatives still alive, we’d gather for New Year’s Eve parties and there was no way any of us ‘kids’ were going to fall asleep before midnight. There was music, dancing, food and drink. Then the time came for the ball to drop. We were all given party hats, favors and streamers. We watched, counted down the last 10 seconds, exploded with the Times Square fireworks and sang (while the pickpockets went ‘dododo dodo do dododo dodo dodo do dododo dodo dodo dododo dodo dodo dododo do’):

“Should old acquaintance be forgot,

and never brought to mind?

Should old acquaintance be forgot,

and old lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,

for auld lang syne,

we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,

for auld lang syne.” (

For those days gone by:

In thinking back, one resolution that wasn’t made in the New Year way but a resolution nonetheless was the promise to come back to the states for the birth of my grandson. That would have been an April resolution although I’d agreed a few months prior to that, but April was the month I flew back and May was the month he was born. I’d a return ticket but stayed to take care of him so my daughter could go to work. She said she needed someone and I said ‘don’t worry about it’. I resolved to stay as long as necessary. It began in 2010 and to date I haven’t changed that, haven’t broken it.

In the time since my return I’ve published two books, one novella, one poetry and short stories, and am working on a third book. All this is amazing to me. I began putting my nose to the writing-then-publishing-grindstone to help my focus on child care and keep otherwise active, in other words help me come to terms with and keep sane in this decision I’d made by keeping well-rounded. There could be no detailed planning simply because there was no way to foresee how everything would turn out. I made judgment calls – resolutions if you will – as events unfolded. I began blogging that first helped me gain courage for writing, prepared me for feedback, and introduced me to some pretty terrific people. This all took place over a span of a few years but it wasn’t necessary for me to renew my resolution each year. I knew I would keep going with it. Then again, maybe that was the resolution in renewed condition of heart.

Yet over the past year, there has been heartache but great change. As time moves on we look toward hope and that the result from this change will be positive, remain positive, and produce positivity as strength is renewed. I’ve lost a very special friend – her body rejected her heart valve – I remember when she’d told me she was going to ‘moo’, was dissed by another I thought was genuine but that’s not how it turned out. I will remember the Earth Day festivals and those days we met up for coffee and talked for hours. They were the good times. For connections I’ve lost there’ve been new ones, each time I’m in awe and I just say ‘thank-you, I can’t imagine why me, but thank-you’.

Otherwise, I don’t see myself making any specific resolutions for the coming new year. The search for my girlish figure is ongoing – some days are better then others, no sense in making or changing any vows about that. There’s no fad diet I’m suddenly going to promote or new exercise I’m going to begin. There’s nothing in particular I feel I should give up. Practically I want to just keep going with what I’ve been doing: writing, granny-nannying, continuing to grow, and always examining where and how I could do better as 2014 unfolds.

Ciao, ciao.


Baddest Santa And His Minions Present: Whovillians In Town

Based on lindaghill’s response EDDD 8 ‘Tis The Season.

(Her little town is peaceful 11 months of the year, like Whoville always so courteous, so many people who care, but when December rears its head, you’d better beware)

To The Tune Of Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Whovillians In Town

You’d better watch out

Don’t waste your time and cry

He decked your friend cold

Do I have to tell you why

Who-ville-ill-ans are all over town

Grasping lists tight in their fists

They’ve checked them once or twice

They’re getting there first

No one plans to be nice

Whoville-ill-ans are all over town

They bare claws when they’re shopping

They’re surly everyday

Plow over your neighbor before your eyes

Keep your children home and safe

(rap interlude)

Oooooh! Buhff! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

No! Wait! That’s Mine! Boof! Oh!

Here First! Were Not! Thwap! Crack!

Please Wait! Get Lost! Thwap! Slap!


You’d better watch out

Don’t waste the time to cry

Christmas brings out their worst

Damned if I can tell you why

Whoville-ill-ans are all o-verrrr town!



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