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Beginning Again For The Umpteenth Time



A blank page but what to write

About new beginnings and dread


Who has the time when life changes

As the roller coaster clackity clacks


Is it always planned?

Hell no

A well-ordered life affords this luxury dread

Top edge dipping deep down it goes

It’s not that I don’t have an inkling


I do


Many times more than I can know

I must step without a gracious heads-up

I have to, you see

How many times can I begin?

Have I begun more accurately so


Now plus plus one, plus one, plus…

It’s happening again, away we go!






The prompt is “…a blank page but what to write…”



100wcgu #187 – Writing Challenge For Grown-Ups



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Would You Like To Be A Star


With a little effort I wonder if I could do that. Basketball. My mom played in high school. At 5’4”, well, 5’3 & ¾” she was a star. I’m taller, 5’4 & ¼” would I do better… by ½ inch? Hmm. I watch the toddlers and preschoolers run around the gym and they ask “Miss Margaret can you make a basket?” I step back and give it a shot. In! Should I go a second time? In! I wonder…


Is there Olympic basketball? Maybe. Don’t know. Can’t stand to watch it. Too dull kind of like golf. There’s a sleeper.






 100 Word Challenge For Grownups


Prompt: “…With a little effort I wonder if could do that?…”


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Unfinished Business



“She closed the book, placed it on the table and finally decided to walk through the door. There was no back deck and she fell face first in the mud. She awoke with a nudge… nudge… nudge. Standing over her was a T-Rex with long arms. He smiled. “My name is Rogue. Are you ok?” “Huh?” Stunned by the fall she slurred, “You talk… y-yh-yhoo talh… k.” Her eyes rolled back, her body went limp. She dreamt of falling in darkness.”



“How many times have I started off with this … I’ve lost count.” Liv sat back then pushed herself back from the table, just a bit. “How many times indeed. Huh…” Taking another sip of her coffee she looked at it, read it again, then thought of what she had to do. “Two Milano cookies, one slice of pizza in lieu of morning toast, my coffee and pomegranate juice with vitamins, all part of a nutritious breakfast. Need to shawer… shower… learn how to spell… go back to sleep. Can’t. Have to get ready. Ahhh, the sun.” She got up to look out the glass doors and saw the sun in one of those heavenly poses breaking through separating black storm clouds. Squinting she turned her head.


“Yeah. Think I’ll retire this opener. We all know by now she hit her head hard.”


Liv sat up with a start. She rubbed her head with a muddy hand. “What?” She freed her other from the mud with a ‘thwuck’. “Ohhh, argh…” The sun was setting. “How did I get here?”

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Writing Horror Or How Many Times Do I Have To Verify My Address So The Prize Patrol Finds Me


I want to write something but what I know not

I say that often, more often than I ought

I think some fresh coffee would hit the spot



It all trailed off. She sat there. “Good God, that’s a helluva start” (right place for the comma – check that) Melissa thought, as she sat at the laptop – “no, I just said sat, overkill” – enjoying the sunrise, reveling in the peace with her grandson asleep… around the corner from the planet of the apes. “Man, what’s with me today… I can feel it. Now, how do I get that down on paper, technically no paper? (But with the question mark instead of a period it comes across as I don’t know for sure – eh) I want to keep typing. Typing what? ! (an exclamation point in the middle of nowhere but the spell check doesn’t care – no green or red indicators – hmm) My fingers want to keep moving. Maybe I should wrap them around a coffee pot. Maybe I should cut them off so I stop with the idiotic rhyming. Idle hands! Have I been possessed? Only parts of me get possessed; my feet are possessed, they always want new shoes. If I don’t buy them… if I buy them – better – my thinking is / has been possessed. With the idiocy of my writting, that’s writing, I’m guessing yes. The spell check keeps correcting so I do my best. It’s stopping me from being myself, which is a good thing? Machinery is taking over! Maximum overdrive… Seriously?”


Melissa looked up from the table. A small figure appeared in the entrance. “That’s not scary. Say ‘a figure appeared’… I should stop.”


She went into the kitchen. Well, she went into the kitchen after she and her grandson did their morning hugs.



“Is that good grammar…” Never mind.

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Cheers !



Laughter, gaiety, joy, we were so burned out from the year we’d had we were all hoping, yes, we were united on this, the staff dinner would be a good one. “Anyone not available Monday night?” We looked back at each other then at the director. “No, don’t think so” I’d piped up. The others shrugged. Tough crowd. This group had to get together.


Monday evening by 5:30 all children had been picked up. I stepped out under a sky heavy in snow clouds, their aura almost lighting the night. Smiling, cheeks tingling, I breathed deep the Christmassy crispness…


The Prompt: Staff Do, Laughter and 100wcgu


100 Word Challenge For Grown-Ups

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She’d pat the piglet

Her pet

Hoping they wouldn’t but they did.

Pit readied, coals perfect

Into the pot it was placed after slitting it’s throat

Of course it was skinned and intestines removed


Into the pot it was put

(A better way to say?)


Delicious they said

Meat so tender it’s true

But she wouldn’t eat

Not one bite

She could not

Not yet

“What we get from the store doesn’t bother you”

But being the point

The wound now too new





The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS March 14/15


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is:


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A Rustle In The Corner



I’d hoped you were still alive and had faked your death because I annoyed you in some way, but I looked up your obituary. You really have passed, somehow I knew. A dream not long after followed, nothing I’d planned. You stunned in a white sweater, turtleneck, white slacks, something you never wore. A clue. Your kitchen was brilliant, dazzling brighter than the sun. You always kept it clean but not like this. We sat down for coffee as we’d so often done. You are happy and at peace. Checking in proved to be good for you.

Friends in high places, maybe for me too.





The prompt is: “checking in proved to be…”


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Let It Snow


She’d just stepped out of the shower. How Janine hated this rainy weather wreaking havoc with her sinuses causing her head to be clogged most of the time and making voices sound like they were in a tunnel. She grabbed a plush towel twisting its corner as tight as she could, cramming it into one ear then the other to dry them. She hoped that’d do the trick.

“Well, they’re dry but this is new; what is that ringing in my ears? Nothing like Santa’s bells.” She was reminded of a child receiving a Christmas bell so he’d always believe.

“Nope. This isn’t it. Terrific.”





The prompt for this week is:

“…but what is that ringing in my ears?…”



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They’d Just Met



“It’s like being in a daze”, Naomi was saying. “You finally get the one thing you like to do and there’s a breeze – you feel alive. It’s surprising how seldom I come across what I’m certified for. Here you’re dealing with the UN. Cooperation maybe. There it’s one culture so for the most part there shouldn’t be serious opposition except people have their opinions, each the right ones, or historic issues that they consider one another an abomination.”


She sighed at the array of copies for class that covered her desk.


“What was it I need to remember about this next group?”


Grace shook her head.



The prompt this week is:

…I need to remember…