He Said


I want it to be like it was he said

She looked at him with longing but could it be

He’d cheated and the young girl in their bed was all she could see

She didn’t want to

Marriage is forever though he hadn’t agreed

It didn’t take long before backwards it went

His best intentions fading out

Getting impatient she was taking too long to forget

She would watch him and try to rekindle

Let it burst into flame

But the young girls face peeked from under his chest

Still she accepted his embrace

Let their lips connect

Clear as day that girl again

Mouth opened as she’d moaned

Is this vision without end

She pushed him away he complained gruff voiced

Her tears fell


It was your choice

Not mine


Sunday Is For Vampire: Eggs & Mama Lupe’s


Auld Lang Syne Or Not



“He died Baby”, he’d said. “Benjamin found him when he came home from school in his recliner with dark stuff coming out of his mouth…” “Bile” Meghan interjected. “I’m a medical person Sean. That’s renal failure and that’s bile. Drank himself to death finally.” Not surprising but her heart went out to his son, the same age as her daughter at having been the one to find his dad dead. “Yeah. He’s in Oregon now with Mike’s sister. You remember Melinda. They don’t have kids so they’re taking care of him. Figured that would be best. All his stuff has been divided up. His brother took the car.” Sean paused, waiting. A single mom with little to no budget he knew she could’ve used a vehicle. Her son had hers while he was away at college, her daughter still lived with her and she’d gone back to school. It would’ve been helpful to say the least. Not that exercise is a bad thing but they rode bicycles to get somewhere or walked. Meghan sat in silence. She’d broken up with Mike a while ago. Not long enough she guessed, still; good of him to let her know.


“So…” Sean began again. “My heart’s bad from all the drinking me and the Hawk did. You know how Mike was. Pam and I are moving to Arizona. I’ve got to get a heart transplant. “So… so… Well do you want to sleep with me now Baby?” “Sleep with you?” Meghan couldn’t help but wonder is this real or another scheme to get her into bed. “Sean, your heart couldn’t take it. It’d give out. I mean, you’re too big for me to put your body in a dumpster, I don’t have the strength to drag and lift you, it would be too messy to cut you into pieces and put you into trash bags, there’d be blood all over the carpet, I’ll never get it out. Your wife would find out and there’s nothing wrong with her heart. We’ll both still be around and you’ll be dead. No, I don’t want to sleep with you. It just wouldn’t work. Did you get any of his stuff…”

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Though my entrepreneurship is in a different venue, the non-profitable teaching profession, our dilemmas are similar. When I was certified to teach in Europe my classroom was infants through business adult and that included the college student, but here in the United States instead of receiving a whole document and full responsibility I am given of fragments and not allowed to do this to do that though I am very well-qualified. So in that sense I am overqualified for my job though by means of excuse I am told I can’t because I am not permitted the fragment of paper necessary to be confined to a corner.