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Sometimes Pulling A Few Words From A Sentence Works


Coming up with a title isn’t always easy. I woke as I do during wee hour time, resituated myself and started thinking about peacefulness and intimacy that I feel while the world sleeps and ‘now what would I call it’. My first inclination is something to do with the muse and darkness but I’ve used those so many times, what this time? Then, I thought of a thought I had walking to work a morning or two ago, thinking to myself ‘it might be interesting but see what happens, I’m walking and can’t pull up the laptop to write, hopefully I’ll remember’. Another blogger a while back had suggested taking notes on a cell phone, something I’ve done since then but not this time. It may have been raining and I didn’t want to pull it out. At that point I got out of bed and propped myself up by the computer. Sometimes it’ll come back during writing… so far not yet.

There goes the light bulb however dim. I’m going to do a little research and see if I can find what struck me.

Nope but I did get something accomplished business-wise. And I’m winding down so I should be able to relax and sleep ‘till the alarm goes off.



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Organizational Management & Don’t Take It Personally It’s Only Business Series: Long Term Effects of Short Term Emotion


The aftermath of action and experience, historically, influences decision-making.  We (the mind) recall what happened and consider the circumstance under which what happened took place.  Business likes to call it synergy – the combination of physical functions of the body that makes a personal environment within ourselves, commonly known as us that are more than capable of reevaluating the happening.  Some people won’t accept this synergetic evaluation.  They are what can be called hotheaded.  They know the details but justify the emotional response that makes precedent in the brain. From this I could set precedent for other non-connected decisions.  The brain doesn’t consider the way to act, the environment we create for ourselves does.  The brain does the math and we take it from there.


We can certainly create an artificial environment for ourselves thanks to anxiety or even exhilaration from happiness, simply in the over exaggeration of the emotion.  The mind again does the math and we take it away as in being at the starting gate and we’re off.  These people are referred to as paranoid – victims of anxiety – and ditz-brained over-reactionary due to exhilaration.  Neither make a very good business professional along with the hotheaded one.


When faced with circumstances, it’s best to internalize them, meaning allowing our synergetic selves to know all possible outcomes depending on response and select the best response/outcome not keep it bottled up inside, let the pressure build and not even notice how far a radius when we explode.  We must look closely at the math.  If we don’t allow for this process, we create unnecessary complicated equations that show what we lack.  Of course, this still doesn’t tell us why so many people react and don’t evolve from their reaction.  Our decision-making can be influenced by an emotional response exclusive of ourselves.  You know how it works: “my sister had a hard time with that so I don’t think it’s good.”



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Saying Good Morning While Going Sub-Atomic At March’s End 2017 Or Saying Good Morning And Philosophy As The Devil, Date Remains: 2


Strictly Platonic


An orgy, the functional state of multiple realizability, is preferred over masturbation, the act of self-inflation.


In Philosophy: Orgy – functional Platonic state of multiple realizability; masturbation – an act of self-inflation.


In Philosophy, an Orgy is a functional Platonic state of multiple-realizability and we all know that boys will be boys.



See what I mean?





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Saying Good Morning While Going Sub-Atomic At March’s End 2017 Or Saying Good Morning And Philosophy As The Devil, Date Remains


Can I have both within logical parameters?


A new year with resolution and purpose, I think it still is. Haven’t lost determination and what I’d like to accomplish. That being said,


Did you know way back when I was an undergraduate I’d embarked on writing a dictionary beginning with O probably because for some strange reason I was thinking of an old porn movie or that wasn’t it at all. It would never have, actually will never get published not because I need a publisher but with those few words I began with I realized as I keep/kept (this is why I’ve always preferred the Perfect Tense in Latin – it is past but represents an action that’s still alive unlike simple past that cuts everything off as a door nailed shut) defining things I’ll never get finished. There’s always something to define, always the next thought. Then it’s not in alphabetical order. So after defining things to infinity which means I’ll be defining in the next life when this one’s through and, when it’s put in alphabetical order it won’t follow my thought and purpose for why I’m defining these things and I’ll be creating chaos with unconnected words with no purpose for meaning the greater good having been lost.


Let me show you.



A Dictionary Beginning With O


Orgy – functionalistic state of multiple realizabilities


Functionalistic – having a purpose physical/mental, mind/mental, physical/mind, mental/mind, physical/physical, mental/mental, mind/mind, unless serving a purpose: ibid and resulting in purpose


State – condition individual and collective, an entity comprised of people inhabiting a specific physical area in nature as in a geologic location, and entity comprised of people of similar mind, an entity comprised of people of similar physical condition, a condition comprised of people who are joined in similar mind, a condition of people disjoined in dissimilar mind resulting in chaos


Realizabilities – inherent natures of people to translate perception to the objective, natural analysis of form (real: genuine/true, eyes: instruments of perception, able: possibility)


Multiple – more than one representation, image, intuition, action (imago, imitatio, admonere) similar to:

Juxtaposition – an alignment (just suppose) using a:

Quantified Variable – the nature of substantial flexibility, of being, versatile integration


Integration – a condition of integrity



You get the picture. I could go on and on. With each word of each definition I keep defining, as more cultures add to language meaning changes, definition is added, as a writer job security never ends, and as a student of philosophy I always have something to talk about.




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Sunday Is For Vampire: Conditions Of The Heart


I did begin with a werewolf though, a movie I enjoy very much, and more than halfway through as I was thinking ‘Sunday is for Vampire’ I realized what I’d done. There were no vampires but an eclipse that ups the werewolf ante. After which I gave myself the glamour treatment, mixed my magic cleaning potion, sprayed down the shower and tub, took a shower, wiped down the tub, slathered myself with lotion, did my bends and stretches, of course somewhere in all this I got redressed, and…. drum roll… plugged in a vampire movie. Tom Cruise gives good vampire that I’ll say. Oh yeah, put on a load of towels too.


Broke out the 6-cup espresso pot. It’s Sunday after all. A day of rest is whenever you can take it.




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Still February Of A New Year 2017

Up on and off all night but no ill effect. Weirdness though that a balloon in my grandson’s room popped for no reason I could detect and landed on his pillow. Glad I was sleeping there and not him. The sound woke me but still a good way to be tragically strangled by the ribbon so lesson learned here. Keep them tied away from the bed at night or better yet in another room. The only thing I can figure is it bumped against a push-pin head and that was it – a fluke more than anything else with lethal potential.

Another day begins and perhaps a mocha for me for a change. A plane flew by on the low side, something important going on or maneuvers for some reason. In any case usually it’s cars in the background.

Might be more of an interesting day than we bargained for.





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Always Thinking


So, I’ll make pie today. Strawberry. They’ve been defrosting, are defrosted and it didn’t matter whether or not I had it ready for Thanksgiving. Alone I can do whatever I want, eat whenever, prepare whatever, good movie day to watch whatever; still company would’ve been nice. No turkey for me, instead I had scallops – sea scallops. Last night. They were good.


You know…. Before I forget I’m turning the alarm back on. I’m up anyway, can turn it off when it sounds off and it won’t ring again until Monday. Monday. Yeah, back to work it’ll be. Work. It’s a shame social security is so screwed up I can’t retire yet and just relax. I’d certainly know how to busy myself. Relax… thanks a lot government. There we go, all set up.


Cappuccino’ll be next. Wanted to type a few words as a good morning.


So… drum roll please… … … … … … …


Good morning. Happy Holidays. There’s more to come.




Noooo…. Wait…. Strawberry Crisp…   Oh yeah!


Feet getting cold. Time for slippers and espresso. Where’s that recipe… ?





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Hands are dry. Don’t feel like getting up again but wish I had hand lotion close by. Ha. What kind of convenience would that be to dot the place with tiny bottles of lotion and how long before I couldn’t stand it anymore and cleaned it all up so it’s not so cluttered. None of this changes the fact that my hands are dry, the cuticle on the ring finger of my right hand is swollen and hurts. It feels like there’s a piece of skin peeling up, rough and scratchy. Guess I’ll get up. Maybe I’ll move the bottle over here just for the night. I’ve got to pee anyway. Get up. Hey, good news. There’s an extra purse-sized bottle on the desk. I can give that a permanent home next to the bed. Ahhh… rubbing it in feels heavenly. Not the almond fragrance I prefer, a different ultra-healing formula it says. Redundant I think seeing the original formula has always been ultra-healing. That was the trademark. Another angle to sell the same stuff except no almond? Still, my hands feel good.


The heat comes on for the first time a little after midnight. There’s that smell, that new heat, new since last year filling the place. Supposed to get down to 21 degrees. Brrrrrr. It’s certainly going to feel good even set a 66. That’s just enough to keep it healthy. Step out the door for a minute and it’ll feel damn cozy. Won’t worry about that till the morning. The other good is it’ll be drying my towels nicely, those ones I’ve strategically placed here and there after my shower. Couldn’t stand the sound of the fan blowing in the bathroom besides making me feel cold. This’ll do. Sometime tomorrow morning I’ll get out to buy some milk. Hot cocoa will hit the spot. Maybe I’ll buy some cream, whipped cream to go with it.


It’s quiet again. The streetlights reflect the frostiness of the windows. I’m comfortable nonetheless. Maybe I should watch something. It was a good day for vampires when I was washing clothes earlier. Could see what’s available in my video libraries or maybe werewolves. No. Not yet. I got a notification that dragon eggs were hatching and I should place them in a habitat. Guess I’ll do that first.



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Early This Morning



I rose early hours to sneak across the street

Not that it wasn’t light

It was but not bright

Not yet

But peaceful, so quiet


Getting back


I walk through the dew with sandals

Eww… cold wet feet

They’ll dry

To my ramps on and off

I cross the highway

One car passes by

A half-hearted attempt to break the sound barrier

“You first” shimmers through my mind

Under cables I limbo to reach the other side




I adore 24-hour stores

And shopping when no one’s awake

Shelves are stocked

Floors buffed bright

What a delight

Well, not the floors so much

But being able to shop without crowds

The smells of coffee even there

As café counters wake

Bread is baked food cooking

Cold cuts unwrapped and placed

We sleepy smile at each other and nod

Those of us who simply must be

I find my few things

The reasons for my quest

Others enter now

They begin but I’m done

I commune with an electronic teller and leave

No penny exchange

Cards and promises remain

Better hold up my end

Not like I’ll be giving it back

Whatever the future holds


I make my way home

Across ramps, under cables

Allow cars to zoom past

Four or five more than before

Still peaceful enough

A cool morning too


Unpack my bag so I can write

Make espresso

Get comfortable a red pillow on the floor

A coffee table named rightly so

Words’d been running through my mind as I’d stepped out the door

You know, as I was walking through dew

I thought, “Damn, wrong time to type (confounded muse)

Hope I remember something when I get back

Interesting what inspires, those simple things

Like a walk across the highway to get to a store…”


Well that’s it

Going to freshen up my espresso

Think of something to watch

Vampires my preference for Sunday


But I may not disturb this peace yet

Food for thought

I don’t know

A day off, chillaxin’

No pressing place to go