Poetry I Guess



I look at my cell but forget why

Oh my

Then I remember pages to see any notes

But there’re none

That says I’ve written from the last ones I’d dictated

And for some reason, some urge, some inspiration

This time around’s in verse

Which doesn’t help define about what

As I sit through the beginnings of a second sweltering day


Yes, it’s going to be hot


So I should stop and lay out for a bit


I’m in a coffee mood not iced

Just in a mood

Bean burrito filling simmering on the stove

Aroma infiltrates the air

Fills, fills, fills


But I just had Nutella on toast

That should suffice

Had to add that to my vocabulary

The programmer had no clue about Nutella



Well, found the cursor but my scroll bar is still lost

I’m not sure what happened or how to get it back

Sometimes I hate updates

Upgrades, upwhatnots

Whose brilliant idea was this

Well in any case good morning on my silent Saturday

Espresso, cooking and me make three

Think I’ll slip into something less

Lay outside to toast, sweat


Soak in vitamin D

After I give what’s on the stovetop a stir


Do I just want to fall asleep







In Disguise


The Easter Bunny crept across the street

To the store hoping for sales

But not yet

Oh well

Found a small wicker basket

Purple for royalty no other way

A couple of delightful gifts

Just for fun not too much

A chocolate rabbit as tradition demands

On a stick

Best lollipop you can bet

Picked up a grocery order

Came back

Put things away

Designed the Easter surprise

Well not so much

We know what we get

But the magic there still

That reflects in your eyes


Now I have to put it somewhere so I stop picking on it

And there’s something left

When you arrive





My name means pearl it’s true

But I lost a ruby

A valued gem

In the deep

Into muck it sank

A manmade lake

It couldn’t drown

Unlike the sea it won’t come back

Cataclysmic event will spit it out

That I doubt

It was my grandmother’s

I was young

With a young crush I did play

He pulled it off my hand


My heart sank

He dove in

No way he could save

It or rising embarrassment

At my folly

Surge of irresponsibility wave

I wish I had it to this day because it was hers

Simple truth

Nothing else


I thought I’d write an elegy


Leave it to you

Guess it or who

Dig in my soul deeper than the sea

To cloak its identity

But the wine, the wine takes over me

I doubt it’ll be another time

It slows me down

Nullifies my mind

Into a cushion I will sink

Shut my eyes

Sleep solid peace

No longer think



Lambs Lay With Lions, Lions Lay With Lambs



Looking out the window as the sky shrugs off light

I think about March and the turmoil it brings

Such a rocky month

Especially this last week

Nothing but rain and severe weather threats

During unseasonably warm

But March swears no allegiance to any season

Leaving nothing unseasonable about its change


Going out like a lion came in like a lamb

Runs through my mind

How does that saying go?

But I heard it both ways in my youth

So if doesn’t do one it’ll do the other

It certainly didn’t come in like a lion

But it’s going out like one as far as I can see

What does that mean


The best place to look

The Farmers Almanac

The only dependable book and weatherman we have

Has been over time

For years and years

That prediction just a saying it clears once and for all

About lions and lambs

We all hope for the best is the best we can do


March doesn’t rest is all that we know

Read further down to see

What could be the most accurate forecast?

I’m not surprised at what I read

Northeast, New England’s increasing clouds

Becoming unsettled is to say the least

They’ve had mounds of snow

I know, it’s where some of my family resides


Midwest where I am more stormy weather

No kidding

Another tornado watch

On a quiet night a surprise

But more rain all the same

And those winds kicking up, had whistled around all day

The sun peeks through now and again

Not interfering with winter’s duel with spring

Saying goodbye isn’t easy

More often tears it does bring

From what I’ve seen that’s a perfectly broken heart

Don’t mess with Mother Nature

The origin of Alpha

The Sun remains patiently for the clouds to move on

April may bring showers or wait until May

I’ve seen that before too


I turn toward the door

More light coming through on this gray day

All perfect gray hues except there’re greens

New greens pale not yet bold

Broken cookies left on the railing haven’t yet washed away

Is that why the birds haven’t eaten them?

Food for thought

Anyway, March the Lion has a few more days




What Inspires



Inspirationless not

At peace is what it is

And I understand why

When dirges stop

It’s necessary to have a clothing line


Or something else to fall back on


But I’m not that kind of famous

So what will I do?

Guess I’ll keep writing

Through hell, high water

Peace on earth


For what it’s worth


The dryer just stopped

Those clothes I’ll get

Espresso by my side

Grandson in view

Sun shining through though rain was predicted


What do they know?

As they say

I’m not worried

Did I tell you I finally ended the dragon game?

What a bust


Guess it wasn’t prepared for the level I’d gained

Or winning all leagues

What can I say?

There’s none like me

Really for that matter like you


Lazy Saturday

Can’t go wrong

Hey think I still have cartoons

On a VHS tape

Means I still have a player


Saturday can’t get better



Remember The Tingler


Why is my arm tingly though I’m awake

Come back to me stop hurting

I’m moving you’re circulating, gee whiz

Or you should be

I hate this feeling

Small load of laundry on

Wee hours rate’s the best

Favorite show’s not available yet

Someone slammed a door across the hall

Or was it downstairs

Shook the whole place

Washed a few dishes

That helped get my arm back

Well my fingers anyway

They’re the problem

The first three

Feels better


Dry hands

Where’s the lotion



You know it

I’ll get there

Right now I’m here



Wash has finished

Guess now’s the time

Hang this and that

The rest in the dryer

And coffee is mine


Coffee’s on




Just Now


Lying on a mound of plush toys

Pulling billowed pillows over my legs and around my back

Closed my eyes for a moment

But an odd dream began to materialize and I said no

The faux cuckoo clock began to play

It’s five

Opened my eyes

Found the ground

Scratched my head

Reluctant to move

In a good spot

Too bad

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

Up I go

That one was sticking me in the side anyway

Where’s that espresso

Wake up sugar

Tap the jar on the counter


Whisk with the frother


A few seconds more



Where’s the steam

I need to imbibe

28 seconds ought do

Thickheaded coffee

I intend to win

Now we’re talking

To you day

You may begin



Salt Lamp


Up at two

What’ll I do

Maybe finish that movie

Then go to sleep for a while I thought

Now it’s four

Then I remembered

That lamp

So I unthreaded it along the dresser

And behind the chair

Brought it into the living room

On the end table

To put it there for you

Like you’d asked

It’s on now with soft glow

Good for purifying air

Ionization if I recall

I’ll have to look it up again

But I do feel like lying down

Oh, I don’t know

Espresso’d be good but have to get to the store

Oh my and a yawn

Almost out of cream

Well, half n half

Wish I’d gotten more yesterday

Instead bee-lined it home

That’s ok

I’ll have time today to get some more

Wonder if I’ll take the bus to the post office too

Just thinking

What I’ll do