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I’m propped looking out the upstairs window watching storm clouds move across the sky. I’ve been here a couple of days now. That should be more then enough to inspire. I want to write.

A little head pops up from the bed… so much for peace and quiet but he’s more interested in his games. The clouds are still moving some now lined in purple. Oops, he’s got to show me his dragons and a new way to battle… “do you know what THIS does…” as he bubbles with pleasure and excitement. Isn’t it too early…

I’ll share this with you. There isn’t much more writing I’ll be allowed to do…  I’d like you to meet Dad. When he was younger people would run up to him hoping for an autograph mistaking him for Freddy of Freddy and the Dreamers. He’d say ‘nope, that’s not me.”

You decide…



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They weren’t red but brand new for the past five years and she’d never worn them. Once in a while she’d pull them off the shelf and try them on. “Wish I had somewhere to wear them, somewhere to go, something.” She thought of years gone by when family lived closer together, when there were occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, events with evening dresses and high heels, dinners and dancing. “They never collected dust.” She remembered how women kicked them off when the tempo changed from slow to jitterbug as if sailing them to the corner of the room were a step.


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups- Week #167

The Prompt:

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