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Listening To Frank Zappa


 Revelations Rated R With

Le Fate Ingnoranti, Incredible Hulk, 40 Carats: Figure It Out


Don’t you realize how fucked up I am

What inspires, influences

After so many years of pain

An abused person that no one knows

Could never wrap your head around where I’ve been

Easier to accuse and blame it on me

Rather than see what’s under your nose

The kid into the older woman

Should it be so simple

Together let’s run away

As the music plays on and I remember

I remember how it goes, how it went

I know love, well knew sex, I was there

Idealistic stupidity

I can relate though you can’t

It’s not easy to break through too many years

But the music brings it back

Brings back all the pain

And the shame at someone else’s hand

Dumped in my lap

As you rationalize back

Backwards to your safe place

My synapse exposed unprotected

No one knows

I will never be back



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Yawning I Am, Title Can’t Think


Yawning I am

Coffee not yet

Must be in Yoda mode

But I’m not one of those

Whatever a Star Wars-zer is called

Who has important opinions

Criticizing directors

How it should’ve been filmed

This time around it’s about time

On and on

I like science fiction but believe there’s a time to stop

End with dignity before that window closes

Closing… closing…

Let’s win the war before Vader’s great grandkids come up with more bad


As I go further down the tangent

Though the muse won’t let go

Come back Luke come back

No, stay in the mountains where vanity abounds

Hiding solves it all

Women have more chutzpah


Heh, don’t I know


On a peaceful Sunday that promises rain

So much rain

Undaunted birds sing

I’m siding with them

There I go yawning




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Oh No!


I wasn’t certain, thinking Fat Tuesday’d be March 2nd but that’s a Thursday so we’re certainly not having a Fat Thursday. Come to find out it’s February 27th and not March at all. Guess I’ll have to get with it and get the classroom board together for an adaptation of Mardi Gras featuring my 1-year olds. I’m not worried; it’ll be awesome.


On that note and it having been an exhausting day as my kids regrouped from being away from school for the weekend picking up on their old habits they can only get away with at home… I’m going to kick back with my grandson and watch Scooby Doo and something to do with a Samurai Sword.