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May’s Wrapped It Up And It’s June

At 87 degrees it’s beginning to act like summer. Undaunted I have my windows open and I can hear central air running all around me, but I’m not giving in just yet. There’s a small fan on low that’s pointed in my direction while I relive surviving the heat like I did in my youth; being still, watching a movie with a cool drink, but I’m older now so my cool drink can pack a little more punch… as long as it’s cool. Something simple like chilled wine or nothing simple at all I’ll decide. Summer’s not official until the 21st so there’s time. Upper 80s is no guarantee.

I think I’ll roll with a Marvel superhero…

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He Crept In


Not such a sin as you would think. “Can I sleep with you? I had a dream. It was dogs and they stood on a rock and looked at me. It was their eyes.” “Oh no” I did reply and thought of those vampire cows with red eyes comical though it seemed at the time but not enough I’d say as they hung upside down in their barn udders a-sway in mid-air. But he curled up by my side and I put my arm around him as I told him not to worry he’s ok. I rose and got pillows a little later on so in softness and comfy protection be, he, he be, well, you know. His breathing stayed even and low. As I watched him I thought why it is that sleeping on the floor is so much fun as a kid, such a delight as if you’re out camping though in the house. It’s those little things. I raised his head to reposition him that billowy pillows keep guard from those eyes and wrapped the blanket around like a little burrito. Is it involuntary motion when in sleep we pull them under our chin or subconscious voluntary habit just something we do? Well, in any case that’s what he did peacefulness in place.


My turn now to keep silent with these thoughts so sublime as in the kitchen I pot around. Espresso it’s your time and he keeps sleeping sound. Not even those chattering birds that can be heard distinct and clear through open sliding doors as daylight breaks will bring him around, but the alarm might as the tone begins. Forgot to turn it off or at least turn it down!


Must get that before damage is done.


Made it.


Where was I…? Look, here comes the sun. Balcony lights, good night.