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Italian And Turkish Coffees Leave The Espresso Pot Shiny


I found that out making a late night coffee, just had a yen as it were, but didn’t have enough Italian espresso for a shot, so rather than grind up beans that might have disturbed sleep I added a heaping spoonful of Mehmet Efendi Kurukahveci. The combo made for unique fragrance, flavor and when I rinsed the pot was met with a pleasant surprise; grinds seemed to dissolve away leaving the pot gleaming as if no coffee had been brewed at all.


Unexpected. “Son-of-a-gun…”




What I thought would happen was the pot be stained but not this time anyway.


And so lazy Sunday continues to move slowly which is fine with me.



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Birds Begin Chirping Around 4 A.M.



I know because I was up before 4 and then it got noisy and I looked at the clock, well; cell phone screen. There went tranquility. It was so, what can I call it, it was so active, there was so much chatter it was as if they were all getting their assignments for the day or hadn’t seen each other for so long it was such a delightful surprise… many delightful surprises. So much expression if there could be with chirping, or if there are expressive lilts in chirping voice the volume evident on a stock market floor. I don’t know but I know everyone was up. I thought “birds begin chirping at 4am” then thought “Hey! ‘Birds Begin Chirping Around 4A.M’.” Works for me.


And here we are.


Maybe it was assignments for mother’s day.


My mom and I had a conversation about Mother’s Day and I realized where I got my perspective from, not that I had to agree but I did this time. I told my kids don’t worry about Mother’s Day, every day is Mother’s Day when you’re a mom not that it stopped them from making cards and homemade gifts which were always a treasure to receive. For me my kids were the best part and that was every day. When I came home from work and we were together nothing outside could hurt me. I guess Mother’s Day could be like birthdays. You’d celebrate those, then again; you do on their birthdays. See what I mean? How don’t you celebrate mothers’ day?


Happy Mothers’ Day.




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There We Go – April Of That New Year 2017

The cursor was stuck so I rebooted the page as I was zoning thinking about making espresso. Yesterday sprinkling Demerara sugar over froth, oh so carefully I thought, a huge lump made a splash. “That’s sweet and light” crossed my mind. When the beverage was almost done like a child I made the slurpy-vacuum and turned the cup up to get as much off the bottom as I could. Waste not.

Up early before light, wouldn’t miss it – showered, put laundry away, did this and that including dumping trash, have windows open this early listening to birds argue amongst themselves. They finally finished off the cookies I’d put out. Wonder what they’d think of a lump of cookie dough?

Let’s find out.




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Saturday & More Sunshine April 2017

I’m not certain what happened but I slept soundly… woke a couple of times, the first time thought to begin a wash, konked back out to the length of a movie – on a Back To The Future bender, that I never saw – woke briefly to switch to the dryer, put on another chapter and back out I went. Woke early and finished up the job. Took a walk across the highway for the heavier-items-shopping I didn’t want to carry on the way home from work last night and life is good.

I will tackle the fish tank today. It’s getting dirty and I know it needs a better pump… for now it’ll have to make do with getting its sides wiped down, some fresh water and the magical potion that helps keep water clear. Should at least pick up a filter…

That said I guess I’ll head out again. Will I just take a gander across the street or head into town? We shall see…

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I Hear Daylight Savings Time Begins Soon

Talking to Mom yesterday and found out we’ll be “springing ahead” sooner than we think – March 12th. Clocks will be turned ahead and we’ll lose an hour… and as always I forget if that makes it lighter sooner in the day or darker longer in the morning. Let’s see if I can go logically… right now it doesn’t get light until 7ish… so if we turn the clock ahead an hour I’d say ‘right now it doesn’t get light until 8ish’. Balderdash! Well, it’s 6:06 now and still dark. It doesn’t make the earth jump ahead an hour. I think the point had to do with farming and crops but I wouldn’t mind if we just let it be and stopped changing it.

Depending on your profession the good news is it’s Friday. And… my cell keeps lighting up as friends post photos, articles and thoughts. Need to check on my dragons too…





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Looks Like We May Not Get A Dead Of Winter As February Winds Down

Waiting for a new word document to open up, sitting feeling chilly – not a bad chilly being in the 50s outside and comfortable inside but like I could use a pair of slippers which I’m about to get. Woke a 2 – figured I’d do a couple of things to get drowsy again, possibly throw espresso into the mix. Wish I had half and half… I hate the way regular milk makes it taste (why at all you ask, just a crazy way I like my espresso) … prefer my fat milk instead. May that be the worst of my troubles on any given day. Now why do you supposed the spell check wants a question mark at the end of that… Guess I’ll tell it ignore then save though I don’t have a title yet so it can stop underlining it in green. Put on a wash too – think the rates are better this time of night, or morning more accurate. And I am felling tired… no, I’m feeling tired. Good time to stop. Think I’ll put my head down…

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Should Have Kept The Pain Not: Day 3 Of A New Year


But in my case it wouldn’t have been very profitable. Not like one of those rapper guys. Once you sing out the pain and make a fortune, once life changes and you’re not on the street anymore what do you sing about? You don’t worry about it. Act a little, open a clothing line, keep making money, and keep busy. Never having been in that kind of limelight oh well, losing the pain / having the pain doesn’t matter. No one gives it a second thought. Have I made it to my windowsill in my quart baggie and rolled across the street into the ocean? “Now what” indeed! Do I need something gut wrenching to inspire enough words to get at least a novelette, what do they call them, novella, to get a novella out of it. Think.


Nah … just something inspiring. That’s it. As it goes, ‘tell me something good’…



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It might have been called a visitation in some sects, you know, when a supernatural being makes an appearance that we brush off as fantasy, but it really happened. He was a rational man not taken to such beliefs, I mean; he hadn’t a serious opinion one way or another. He was a good heart as was his wife. Then she died, quietly, and he was alone. They hadn’t slept together in years not for any reason but a small sacrifice for anything they’d done, might have done in the past that wasn’t the best decision, that could’ve been done better. I remember her saying how they’d decided and how they smiled at each other. Even at his age I think he might not have totally agreed with it but he loved her that much. It was ok. He didn’t sleep in his room so much these days. There was a very comfortable recliner in the living room right outside the room she’d chosen as her bedroom.


He said he was stirring that morning, the sun was blazing in through the windows and he began opening his eyes then realized she was standing there in a long white robe no less. She was looking around the room. He started and became fully awake as the recliner was snapped straight up into sitting position. He looked around but she was gone. I don’t remember if he’d said the living room wasn’t as bright, but the sun was still streaming through the windows.


His faced glowed whenever he told the tale. “I think she was checking to make sure I was keeping the place up. She’s keeping an eye on me. I’d better make sure I take care of things.” And he’d laugh.



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No Arguing


Who will you make peace with? Ah, a chance to share 100 words of philosophy as if there could be such a thing! What philosopher has narrowed anything to be said down to 100 words. The first thing to be discussed would be define peace. If anyone’s taken a philosophy class you’d know that in of itself could take a while. Then again peace simply means that war and violence have stopped. Even Cambridge agrees its calm and non-violence.


My take is I must be at peace with myself first, which will touch those I reach each day and spread.





The prompt is: “Who will you make peace with?”


100 Word Challenge For Grownups

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Never Underestimate…


What do I want to say today? Good morning world… yes but how?




Good morning world!




Looking over old posts I thought maybe I’d take something out, dust it off and see what I could make of it whether expand on it, turn it into a different story or add a chapter where there weren’t any. I’m looking out at the rain that wasn’t supposed to be until 10 a.m. at 20 minutes to 7 right now. Spring does what spring does having the responsibility of waking up plants and making things grow. Is it responsibility or just something that happens naturally? Is that such a ridiculous question? Nothing too heavy to contemplate in the morning; I have the week off after all.


So here are a couple, and with them I might decide what to do – oh dear, rhyming.No, it doesn’t rhyme now that I changed from “here’s a few” to “a couple”.  Well, why not I say as the sun begins to shine.  Esse quam videre, better to be than seem (to be or not) – always liked that.


Standing Up For Your Kids: Soft Cloth (AKA Take That!)


“When I first sent the friend request, there was a bit of relish behind the notion of telling you off. I decided it wasn’t worth it, not that at times there aren’t things that need be said. Then I thought I’d start a healing process. Healing for what exactly? We’ve never been friends. After what you did to my son we’re never going to be. Any salutation or good will wish would be false on my part. I have no desire to extend my arm around you and say, “Let bygones be bygones.” As victims of a pre-meditated attempted murder, I don’t think we owe you, the perpetrator, anything.


All this to say I’m removing you from my friends list. I guess something was said after all. So much for the soft cloth mom theory. If you wish to use any of this for personal or professional dissertation, you must purchase the rights to my property from me first.”



An Unfinished Writing Challenge


“She closed the book, placed it on the table and finally decided to walk through the door. There was no back deck and she fell face first in the mud. She awoke with a nudge… nudge… nudge. Standing over her was a T-Rex with long arms. He smiled. ‎”My name is Rogue. Are you ok?” “Huh?” Stunned by the fall she slurred, “You talk… y-yh-yhoo talh… k.” Her eyes rolled back, her body went limp. She dreamt of falling in darkness.”




I don’t know. Let’s see what I come up with…