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Moans In The Night


Startled from sleep

Slumber deep

But not enough to ignore

The sound is in here

Where I live


Hart pounding

Body moving before I could see


Detect it



Open the door

Staring in the box

Close it

Open again

Yup, this is it

Shaken half out of my wits

The fridge

For real?

Didn’t know what to do

Can’t call maintenance at 1:30 a.m.

Certainly don’t want to see them

Don’t want to hear their whines

The lightbulb turns on so dim

In my brain

Longing for rest


Down to zero the setting goes

Will it turn off?


Moan stops

Worried no

Give it a sec

As back up again it’s set

And clicked back on

Without a sound

Well, nothing unusual to speak

Food safe

Wide awake

Thanks a heap

Folded clothes

Threw something in to dry

Now pour some wine

The good kind

Ease my heart

Get back to sleep





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Where I’m Going


I’ve got a movie

That’s where I’m going

And a load of laundry too

That I’ll do

Getting sleepy

Lazy’s more like it

But it’s Saturday


A little chilly

No way

Will I accomplish more

Not ambitious enough for a coffee

Cappuccino or Latte

No birds sing in the downpour

Head held in my palm

Eyes closed

When I open them

It’ll be a go



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Forgot my raincoat

Running back home before the bus arrives

The wind fighting me

Blowing me back is what it seems

No don’t seem


Esse quam videre

It can’t be real

My jacket flapping in the breeze

Pulling me

I won’t stop

Trying to wrap around me Nefertiti

Grabbing my hands

Catching my wrists


Made it to the parking lot

A couple more strides

Now in

Didn’t have parking lots in Egyptian times

Did they?

Not so advanced

Or were they?

Are parking lots advancement

Coating asphalt over earth?

Made it inside

Snatched up my prize

Raincoat over my arm

Let it pour

Checked transport radar and there’s still time

Out the door to the corner

I’ll catch the bus here





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Salt Lamp


Up at two

What’ll I do

Maybe finish that movie

Then go to sleep for a while I thought

Now it’s four

Then I remembered

That lamp

So I unthreaded it along the dresser

And behind the chair

Brought it into the living room

On the end table

To put it there for you

Like you’d asked

It’s on now with soft glow

Good for purifying air

Ionization if I recall

I’ll have to look it up again

But I do feel like lying down

Oh, I don’t know

Espresso’d be good but have to get to the store

Oh my and a yawn

Almost out of cream

Well, half n half

Wish I’d gotten more yesterday

Instead bee-lined it home

That’s ok

I’ll have time today to get some more

Wonder if I’ll take the bus to the post office too

Just thinking

What I’ll do