Denim Shorts High In The Cheek




Flannel Shirts


Warm arms around me so strong, durable, won’t hurt or cause any pain especially with the right fabric softener. That smell on your skin for the most part safe though should I fall asleep wrapped in one and get tangled, I’ll delight in the symbolism of it all an embrace so move over, ease out and back to sleep I can drift. So many of you write your woes, these men, those men, men over time, why don’t they love me the way I love, I mean I love myself, I do! Why am I the only one?


Walked right into that didn’t you, a major clue, your own design?


No, no it cannot be!


Yeah, I’m afraid so… hehehehehe.


The defense rests.






Remember When


There’s nothing there to hurt, no root this is phantom pain in my head throbbing my sinuses mercilessly. Pay attention, don’t you hear, nothing should be hurting, but no roots or their memory at that weren’t paying attention at all. I’d had a bridge, and procedure dictates the dentist removes the roots. I didn’t feel a thing, he never hurt me one in a million as it were. I lay back on the pillow and closed my eyes. Remember when was the last thing I needed, should never have been on the list. Stop now, you don’t exist!





You Should Model


You should model he said

No I shouldn’t

Yes you should

Not at all I said as he came over

A little closer

Put his arm around me he was so much taller


How did it start

Well let me tell you

I got out of work early

It never happens you see

Not to me

Almost thrilling

I put in the time for half hour vacation

So I could leave

Will it be approved

One never knows

Nonetheless out the door I flew


I forgot to clock out

Just a block away around I spun to come back

Don’t ask I quipped as a friend let me in

Time clock awry

To the office I went

Straightened it all out

Speaking of which

Out the door I went

Fifteen minutes later

No turning back

Not this time


Not this time


In the median we were to cross the street

Conversation innocent enough

What does your t-shirt say

Oh snap with a skeleton holding part of its leg

Purple and orange

You ready for Halloween

Since October 1st I’d said

They mumbled to each other in levity

You should model said one

Say what

No I shouldn’t

Yes you should

Not at all I said in levity too as he came over

A little closer

Put his arm around me he was so much taller

No you should

My name is Michael

You have a good night

You too

You have a good one the other one said

A little further ahead

Pointing to me as people do when they mean

I mean you

I pointed back with cell still in hand smiling

That smile to yourself

You too


We parted ways

They turned left I kept going straight


Did I put my arm around him too

You know I couldn’t remember

But I think I did

Why don’t I remember



Like the archangel I mused

I should model

How could it be possible with this body




With clothes on I questioned the light bulb clicked

How polite

Tactfully said

I’d like to see you naked could it be

He’d been saying to me



Not this one


Esse quam videre

Passion on his sleeve

His embrace so gentle


Oh my


How about that

I kept pace with my playlist’s music in my head












How efficient do I want to be? Is it efficient to write the evening before when I should be lounging nodding off to a movie? What am I saving or do I just feel like writing? Hmm… It’s so beautiful a night… breezy, the temperature just right to have windows open, relaxing… just too relaxing. No more thinking.


So I stopped what I was doing and plugged in a video. I was out light a light in a few minutes.


And now Monday begins.

Something Different


No writing tonight though I woke during the wee hours and couldn’t get back to sleep right away. I sent a couple of nasty-grams to companies I have accounts with about dissatisfaction, checked a couple of sites, put a load of clothes to wash and made cocoa. Made a mess too. Put the milk on for a few seconds too many in the microwave and that bubbled all over. I thought, “I’ll just stay away from writing tonight and get other things done for a change.”

Yeah, just for a change.

Day 2 Of A New Year


Hello 4am My Old Friend

Here we are

Sitting together again


I’d gotten a lot of sleep beginning with nodding on and off through James Bond no less, you’d think that kind of action’d keep me awake. Maybe the walk I took before settling in had something to do with it. Now I’m deciding if I want to take another walk to the market after it opens this morning. I can’t help but notice all this thinking is making me drowsy. The best idea might just be to see where I’d left off with the movie and get comfortable.


Yes, that’s definitely a plan.

Keeping Occupied


I was finally in the most peaceful sleep ever and the wind rattled me into consciousness. It figures. It was loud enough it really did sound like the windows would be blown out and the wall would be next. I’d hung a towel out, went to check on it and found it wasn’t as drenched as I thought it’d be. Guess it was more wind than anything else. I did hear rain though be that as it may, sat up to write keeping myself awake more than I wanted to be – that would be the post before this one (can you tell how groggy I was; I’m telling you my fingers even got tangled in each other but they wouldn’t stop), found a movie to help lull me back and couldn’t even focus on it. I turned away from it and drifted off in maybe a minute. When I woke it was close to 7 but still dark, potted around, put a blanket out to air, got better dressed, thought I might go to the store, changed my mind, had a nice walk and about now I’m ready for coffee.


I haven’t had Christmas with my grandson yet, the oldest one; hopefully it’ll be soon.



It Wasn’t THAT Long Ago


1976 meant the bicentennial and marriage. We drove to Disney World without a second thought – nor preparation for that matter – and parked at the Contemporary Resort. In we strolled. “Do you have a reservation?” “No.” “OK, we have a room…” Yes, we were able to get a room, paid $50, left our suitcases in elegance and caught the monorail to a world of wonder. At night there were spectacular fireworks to celebrate becoming… well, other stuff too.


I don’t think you can just pull in to Disney World nowadays and find a room without a reservation… for only 50 bucks.







Prompt: “…looking back, I remember…”


What do you remember about 1976?


100wcgu #186 (100 Word Challenge For GrownUps)



Never Underestimate…


What do I want to say today? Good morning world… yes but how?




Good morning world!




Looking over old posts I thought maybe I’d take something out, dust it off and see what I could make of it whether expand on it, turn it into a different story or add a chapter where there weren’t any. I’m looking out at the rain that wasn’t supposed to be until 10 a.m. at 20 minutes to 7 right now. Spring does what spring does having the responsibility of waking up plants and making things grow. Is it responsibility or just something that happens naturally? Is that such a ridiculous question? Nothing too heavy to contemplate in the morning; I have the week off after all.


So here are a couple, and with them I might decide what to do – oh dear, rhyming.No, it doesn’t rhyme now that I changed from “here’s a few” to “a couple”.  Well, why not I say as the sun begins to shine.  Esse quam videre, better to be than seem (to be or not) – always liked that.


Standing Up For Your Kids: Soft Cloth (AKA Take That!)


“When I first sent the friend request, there was a bit of relish behind the notion of telling you off. I decided it wasn’t worth it, not that at times there aren’t things that need be said. Then I thought I’d start a healing process. Healing for what exactly? We’ve never been friends. After what you did to my son we’re never going to be. Any salutation or good will wish would be false on my part. I have no desire to extend my arm around you and say, “Let bygones be bygones.” As victims of a pre-meditated attempted murder, I don’t think we owe you, the perpetrator, anything.


All this to say I’m removing you from my friends list. I guess something was said after all. So much for the soft cloth mom theory. If you wish to use any of this for personal or professional dissertation, you must purchase the rights to my property from me first.”



An Unfinished Writing Challenge


“She closed the book, placed it on the table and finally decided to walk through the door. There was no back deck and she fell face first in the mud. She awoke with a nudge… nudge… nudge. Standing over her was a T-Rex with long arms. He smiled. ‎”My name is Rogue. Are you ok?” “Huh?” Stunned by the fall she slurred, “You talk… y-yh-yhoo talh… k.” Her eyes rolled back, her body went limp. She dreamt of falling in darkness.”




I don’t know. Let’s see what I come up with…


Cheers !



Laughter, gaiety, joy, we were so burned out from the year we’d had we were all hoping, yes, we were united on this, the staff dinner would be a good one. “Anyone not available Monday night?” We looked back at each other then at the director. “No, don’t think so” I’d piped up. The others shrugged. Tough crowd. This group had to get together.


Monday evening by 5:30 all children had been picked up. I stepped out under a sky heavy in snow clouds, their aura almost lighting the night. Smiling, cheeks tingling, I breathed deep the Christmassy crispness…


The Prompt: Staff Do, Laughter and 100wcgu


100 Word Challenge For Grown-Ups

Nothing Personal


“How did this happen?” Fran stood at her car still reeling. She never wanted to teach, in fact; she wasn’t a teacher and had protested, adamantly, but Trish had desperately needed her help. Years had gone by. Years… That wasn’t the worst of it; they’d known each other almost forever.


Trish had gotten a call, a complaint. She knew better but called Fran into her office anyway. “They said there was a photo and would forward the link. I had to hotline you. This is your last day, I’m sorry.”

Stunned Fran stammered. “We’re more than colleagues.” “I said sorry.” “But I thought we were friends.”



10686670_10153082038149383_6386946171457245700_n (1)




100WCGU – Week#176


The prompt for this week is:

 …but I thought we were friends…