Doodling On A Cloudy Day


Ain’t got nothin’ to lose if you’ve lost

Ain’t got nothin’ to lose there’s no cost

The only loss is if you snooze so give it a shot

Ain’t got nothin’ to lose now

They say no so what

Ain’t got nothin’ to lose

The world s an oyster as it goes

I hate oysters

How about you

Clams are better

Why can’t the world be your Cherrystone Clam



Doo Wa Diddy Diddy Don’t Forget The Easter Egg Hunt Later


And so this is Easter and what’s going on

Another season has passed us

A new one’s begun

And here we are Easter

EB’s made his full run

The baskets flow over

Through a day filled with fun


A very Happy Easter

Part of a brand new year

Celebration and feasting

No turning back from good cheer


And so this is Easter

Lemme see what you got

Children chatter excited

The best breakfast food it’s not


Although it’s unhealthy

Your folks don’t mind at all

Once a year it won’t kill you

Good breakfast served there’s the call

We gather round the table baskets tight in each fist

Take a break from the chocolate

Nothing’s better than this



Bowls of Easter eggs

Traditional menu

Braided breads it’s all homemade

Coffee’s flowing

Espresso served too

With a shot of anisette

I will and how about you



So Quiet

Always darkest before the dawn but dawn is so far away

Hours from now

It’ll be dark for a while

Sirens blare but I’m not worried

Don’t care

What I’d worry about is right here next to me

My heart goes out to what I don’t know so easily light emotional relief

Will I sleep can’t say

Not right now

Another mouthful another shot kills the infection

I can feel it right away

Thank-you all I can say and sleep will come sooner or later

That’s eventually

I know it

Sleep will come

Will come




So quiet

Such peace





Write A Country Song


Write a country song well do you think I could or should

Criteria has to be met first there’s no dog though we owned one way back

Did it leave run away did it get killed no sir

We had to give her away find a new home where we were going she couldn’t stay

Maintenance there they liked to steal from any tenant who had the misfortune to rent

We didn’t know this at first dog-sense the best

She’d protect us oh yeah they wouldn’t stand a chance

There went the dog and our hearts

Perhaps a good start


Next must be a lover who went astray a list long and distinguished could be

Not really for me but those involved weren’t truthful the couple times I tried

Thought they knew something others stood in line for their turn

But too much to fathom easier to stay alone I’d decide and did

I guess this would qualify making two that are met some romantic boo-hoo

Still I like my life the way it turned out in fact I love being me gee what’s next

Usually whiskey somewhere well it’s bourbon I drink to drown sorrows no

It’s bourbon I drink simply true that’d make three though usually

A Manhattan with lavender bitters is never described as a drowning pool

Just drunkenness because of what came before but I prefer enjoying life

I hope spoiling the tune not

But I did run over a cat that’s true back on track we go

Losing count is that three


The kids were young we’d just moved t’was long before the dog

Helped me to decide I’ll say

Foolish kitten watched us close too close as I backed up

Put the car in idle as I tossed the body into the weeds in the field across the way

Tears flowing from their eyes I vowed no more cats only a dog smarter I hope

We went from there it panned out well oh no is that too upbeat

Then we had to give her away does that help


Well I tried not enough tragedy things have a way of working out

Maybe country songwriting’s not for me




Thought I Might Forget It But I Didn’t

Taking an ice cold shower

Take a cold shower it’s said

Walking in freezing rain not a very pleasant day

Temperature’s dropped but I feel nothing

I’m wearing a raincoat

It keeps me dry it’s good

It feels like wearing a raincoat

Ha how many times

Like wearing a raincoat is good not bad

I feel enough well a little more my legs are getting wet as the wind blows back just a bit

Gusty gusts yet

Wearing a raincoat is good

Don’t complain





Like Brownies For Breakfast

Sitting up I might

Most likely I will

Through the walls I hear the neighbors

We’re all up late but I’d slept for a while

They’ve migrated downstairs and back up

Time to discuss politics and world peace

They can do it don’t you know

Yes they can

I’ll make coffee that I know without doubt

These things I can do that’s a fact ’cause I’m grown

These decisions come like brownies for breakfast

That I can do if I want I’ll eat healthy too

Who’s to say they’re not

Won’t you or wouldn’t hardest decision to make at this time

I’ll watch something mild sedative maybe drift back to sleep

But I’ve said this before how many different ways

Still the night is mine and always will be my crowded street

Wouldn’t want it differently contemplatively rules

Think I made that up but I’ll google it later

Oh there they go getting loud laughter abounds merry hearts surround

The world will be better soon so much better

Out in the hall where will we go now no someone’s leaving

See you he says yet he doesn’t lack

An engine revs in the background somewhere downstairs outside

Ah quiet comes pull the covers up to your chin

Wait doors close the wall shakes and it’s done


Now what’s next

Where should I begin




Something Different Or Not

Sitting here and I want to write

About what I don’t know

But i want to


Look, a typo…


That’s terrible I said to myself as I sat at the table, should I give myself a name or say it’s me but not me the person who’s writing, that fictitious author who’s the writer telling a story – that’s different and very deep. Don’t know. I am listening to that miserable music when you’re on hold trying not to listen and focus somewhere else. Not that that’s working either, but it is somewhat. She…oops…. I checked the time. The wait period was almost up.

“Hope they’re punctual.”

My Christmas Stocking


Well Here We Are

Now I wonder if it’ll stay.

So far so good without Word. With the latest upgrade Word documents are lost, now you have to pay and for whatever reason the system isn’t putting anything through saying my request can’t be completed, so Pages it is. Why Lord, why? Nah. I’ll move along with the times. Actually I was trying to pay for a monthly subscription … fools. Get out your tools and fix the glitch.

Don’t want coffee, not in the mood for cocoa, fell more like apple cider, nope, feel more like apple cider. Maybe tomorrow…

But I remember 

Like a mythical creature I ran, my feet not touching the ground, or at least that’s how it seemed. Below zero it was and a perfect frozen world

Tres glistened , how about trees petrified from ice outlining each

Too much snow to remove

Frozen white everything was paved

I would not feel the cold

I was going home

Didn’t want to be with him anyway

From New York himself but this place poisens everything, or poisons

Nothing sagged on me that night

Firm and held high by default you could say

Or who I am

In my true form for no one to see I ran

To where I wanted to be

Didn’t know about blurbon shouldn’t it be bourbon manhattans

Back then

With bandaged thumb I can’t type

Is that why

Or did I have one

It’s after 1am which means nothing except I have lots of bad habits to develop over two weeks of Christmas holiday and the first of a new year

I’ll miss nothing first and foremost work

A cappuccino’d be good and fragrant through the place combined with pine scented wax slowly liquifying, liquifying slow

Now which one is better you think

A breath of winter

Tomorrow morning brings a promise of snow

We’ll see



They were married. What they did was their business or so they thought. One evening he thought he’d add some spice and dressed as Batman, well… in a mask and cape at least. She’d agreed to be the damsel in distress tied to the train track, aka, their bed. He stood at the foot on the oak board as he leapt into the air to the rescue the post at the head breaking his fall. He tumbled unconscious on top of his bride. She panicked, never a good thing, and screamed for help.


The fire department came with an ambulance at their side but what a sight, naked and naked in a cape. Kept a straight face as they freed her and revived him loading him in for observation though they’d seen more than enough.


What would you have done?


This is what I would do…


He’d told me the story for whatever reason I can’t quite say what the intention might have been, to intrigue, to entice, nope, no way, but I didn’t have to think twice. “I’d have left you for dead” I said not missing a beat. “No way would anyone ever see us like that. I’d free myself then get dressed, call 911 after the fact. If you were still alive they’d revive you. I’d found you that way after all, you’d called me into the bedroom I heard a thud on the way in. ‘Poor man… I didn’t know he had it in him’… we’d and we’ll never do such a thing, don’t even go there.”


That was saltpeter enough.