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Listening To Frank Zappa


 Revelations Rated R With

Le Fate Ingnoranti, Incredible Hulk, 40 Carats: Figure It Out


Don’t you realize how fucked up I am

What inspires, influences

After so many years of pain

An abused person that no one knows

Could never wrap your head around where I’ve been

Easier to accuse and blame it on me

Rather than see what’s under your nose

The kid into the older woman

Should it be so simple

Together let’s run away

As the music plays on and I remember

I remember how it goes, how it went

I know love, well knew sex, I was there

Idealistic stupidity

I can relate though you can’t

It’s not easy to break through too many years

But the music brings it back

Brings back all the pain

And the shame at someone else’s hand

Dumped in my lap

As you rationalize back

Backwards to your safe place

My synapse exposed unprotected

No one knows

I will never be back



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Yawning I Am, Title Can’t Think


Yawning I am

Coffee not yet

Must be in Yoda mode

But I’m not one of those

Whatever a Star Wars-zer is called

Who has important opinions

Criticizing directors

How it should’ve been filmed

This time around it’s about time

On and on

I like science fiction but believe there’s a time to stop

End with dignity before that window closes

Closing… closing…

Let’s win the war before Vader’s great grandkids come up with more bad


As I go further down the tangent

Though the muse won’t let go

Come back Luke come back

No, stay in the mountains where vanity abounds

Hiding solves it all

Women have more chutzpah


Heh, don’t I know


On a peaceful Sunday that promises rain

So much rain

Undaunted birds sing

I’m siding with them

There I go yawning




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The Heat Kicks Ah-Hahn


The heat kicks on

A surprise


Been off so many days

My head swimming in my sinuses


Thanks to all this rain


Made espresso earlier

So far I’m two-shots in

Out of half n half so sad

You say what!

A habit I began in Italy

When in Rome I lived

Unlike the Romans


Any other milk t’is sin

But for now no worry

Later on I’ll see


Another stanza?



For now I’ll make toast while I think


So, so, so… so,


Cheesy garlic bread instead


A movie I remembered I didn’t like

But forgot why so

Watched it again


Reminded me of me

If I met an angel of light

I’d think he was bad

Most likely stab him like she did

Then a scene I’d completely forgot

The actress pregnant really

Getting into a tub side view

Over share I could’ve lived without

Light bulb clicks

I remembered reading it somewhere


Finally the end

She gives her life

She had to

She’d still be pregnant otherwise

Standing in full view

Even with clothes

Would special effects cover that?

Probably costs less if they don’t



The credits rolled and I said yeah

It all comes back

As sarcasm do

Feigned suspense

Credits held more than the plot


There’s an idea

Until next time


The End

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Day 2 Of A New Year


Hello 4am My Old Friend

Here we are

Sitting together again


I’d gotten a lot of sleep beginning with nodding on and off through James Bond no less, you’d think that kind of action’d keep me awake. Maybe the walk I took before settling in had something to do with it. Now I’m deciding if I want to take another walk to the market after it opens this morning. I can’t help but notice all this thinking is making me drowsy. The best idea might just be to see where I’d left off with the movie and get comfortable.


Yes, that’s definitely a plan.

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What Kind Of Origins Might They Be


Brothers I was watching


Not you being called brothers but poetically speaking with words rearranged

Thinking is this something that won’t inspire me

Although simply looking around anything could or should

I kept watching as differences flared

Began shaking my head

So this is where dysfunctional came from

And this side of a faction of my family

How distinct the generations are

Dignity here but not there

Easy enough to sell each other out

No doubt where they got the idea to throw people away as it were

When catalogued time began

When we started writing about it

It’s inconvenient having you as one of us

Just great

If Kronos, wait, that’s a watch

If Cronus tried to eat, well ate some of his offspring and who’s left had to trap him to escape with their lives

Why make a bargain now and believe he’ll give a gift once released

Millennia he’s had to stew about it


He’s the parent, the hierarchy

His attitude toward kids wouldn’t have changed

He’ll fix them once he gets out

“But I set you free I want to rule…”





I sit back, up straight and think further

So that’s were humanity got that one from

The general base

What the house is built on

Since the beginning of time would certainly make it a tough habit to break

I read it’s not about the music life plays

But how we dance to it

Yeah that makes sense

Nodding as I type

Not in agreement but sleep trying to take over knocking me out of the way

Selfish sleep wants the limelight

Reminds me of days of study

Falling asleep typing papers then waking with fingers still poised in place

Looking at words as the document comes into focus

Where was I

For right now change position stay awake


Walking from one room to another will I remember what’s running through my head

It won’t stop

But I’d better and get typing



Would it be, is this the original-original sin

Or did that happen later appear on the scene then

A comical attitude indeed

Zeus becomes mortal because no one prays anymore

Nothing else to do

Would this be the to-earth fall from grace or Olympus from light

Groundwork be laid

Maybe the idea of a superhero group

Extraordinary people learning how to live in a community

Egos united

Is that even possible

Marvel at the concept

Oh look, secret messages

Going from petty to mortal sin

The gods become mortal

The way they sin changes or not

The very thing wrong with the world today

Whoa, reel it back in


Back to basics, the origins of origins

One brother doesn’t like his job in the underworld

Fair enough

Not much sun maybe, no aesthetics

He sets the coup up

As a rule we should learn from our mistakes

Was it just too long ago to recall this one

The idealist brother shows, Zeus thunderbolt and light

The god of war is the angry one always looking for a fight

The god of the sea joins Zeus to see what’s going on

People living by the sea are happier and at peace for the most part

Yet something doesn’t feel right

The family is getting together

Brothers assemble

Then all hell breaks loose

Yeah happens a lot in families

That’s it

Someone blurts out I’ve been holding this in but not any more

After the fact feel bad about not thinking things through first

Later on when the damage is done

You know the adage about the mirror

Throw it in the tub

Look down at the pieces

Say you’re sorry

Now what

Can’t fix what’s happened but take it from there, here

Options anyone


How will we dance to this


First let’s get this guy out of office and back where he was

Better if we didn’t have to worry about him any more

You know someone down the road will think it’s a good idea to get him out


On and on over history over time

The mummy, the mummy’s hand, the mummy’s tomb, the mummy’s toenail

But that’s a different tale


Is there anything new under the sun

Probably not

Unless you’ve got one






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Which Movies


You know that part where they kiss

On his marriage raft enclosed in bed curtains drifting

For some reason I muse do you have to act

Horns and that kind of grin

Then I thought, “Did I fall asleep at this part

Doesn’t make sense

Don’t remember it being this … in … volve… d … ”

I know the sensation of that first kiss

Too many times with the wrong guy…

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t that many

I believe in picking myself up, keep going

Dusting myself off

But not that many

Not that I don’t…



Never mind

Whew, narrow escape that one


Moving on


What if I butt in on a scene if I were close by

And make a comment, a gibe

“What he was trying to say

Hitting the sake means they had too much to drink

Just an idiom”

I’d look at them, aiming at him, shake my head in woe

Continue on my way

Born in a Borough you know how it’d sound

A noted NY place

The accent is me

Nothing but authenticity


You know I would be


Two of my favorites

Similar genre in individual lights

A good way to fall into sleep

Getting cozy at night




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You Missed It


I’ve been here to grow old with the whole time

But you weren’t there

Didn’t come

Never turned up


Now the condition of my body is more of a scare

At least I think so

To an outsider anyway

Looking for a smoother face


A youthful outline


You didn’t show

To build memories with one who could care

Passionately so

Each wrinkle or scar has a story to tell


And each one you’d have known so well


Like a traveled map

Run your finger over trace

This one’s me, this one’s…

Doesn’t matter being one


Well, could have been


You weren’t there

Opportunity lost Odysseus, sail, sail, sail

Here I am in Autumn years

Who I am I wouldn’t trade


I could’ve been really cool to know


But you missed it




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What If I Said Please


That’d be a good title I’d thought as I looked at the child who couldn’t yet speak. Going from one thing to another, throwing things on the floor not even playing just running his hand along the shelf for the sake of knocking everything off then moving on to the next full shelf. Are we having fun yet? Is this fun? I wanted to get shoes and socks on. Not me, them. After all it’s getting close to time. What if I said please although it’d mean nothing to you, them, but to someone. Who? And why does thinking of it make me feel warm? You know that kind of inviting warmth like there’s something to it that it’s directed at something… someone… reaching. Again someone. There is no one.


But what if I said please?



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Christmas Stocking


Laptop on the monopoly game

On the coffee table just within reach

Slippers tangled in the power cord

Could be warm otherwise nothing to see

Leftover coffee at my side

Steaming just enough

iPad poised on the corner

iPhone positioned on top

Check the dragons to see what’s next


But first


Assemble a Christmas gift

Ensure it works

No heartbreak Christmas day

Yeah it does but quality now is lower case

These days it isn’t the same

Crazy glue rescues that good thing

How the world has changed

Heat kicks on rumbles low

Keeping 18 degrees outside

That residual smell in the air

Warmth is there

Bringing memories to mind


Not this time



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Chick Flicks


I got lost again as I watched

And I remembered being in that spot

The passion and abandon


Oh, I’ve mentioned it before

But I felt it this time

Different than then


I melted

Something inside me did

I was part of that kiss


Then he leaned and rolled her onto the sand

She wrestled him back gently and he pushed again

And I didn’t care if they were married or not


In real life I mean

And how they managed to do that on the screen

Or how their spouses would feel


I remembered I believe