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Friendly Ghosts

“I wanted to give him vitamins

Yes I did

Don’t let me forget”

She sat staring at the salt lamp glow

For no apparent reason


She sat staring at the salt lamp glow

Was it because of Jimmy Stewart in that movie

He quoted Neruda throughout

“I had a book of his works”

She’d thought as she watched wishing it were still around

Or had recollection of what had happened to it

Did she leave it behind somewhere

“What am I watching

The lamp doesn’t move

Though improving quality of air”

She sat with that sleepy stare

And nothing has to rhyme either

Still she sat

“I want to give him vitamins, get up”

As she fixed her typos from two hands of thumbs

“May be a sign, no, it is a sign


Make a breakfast smoothie too”

That was it

She got up


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But I Should Cook

Martini dry with two onions

Yes cocktail onions not olives do you mind

First course as I got home from work

After I peeled my clothes from a sweaty hike

A hot day

But it’s perfect cool

It takes over infiltrating my body

Mmmmmmhhmm yes

I’m weak

So limp I relax

But I should cook

I take another drink

I’ll fall down drunk and be hungry

On the comfy chair sink stretch out

Give in I don’t care



I rise before I am overwhelmed

Start peeling put the glass down but look

One single ice cube has broken into three

Good gin I must say

Look again

it’s two cocktail onions and what remains of the cube

Oh my

Cooking now

Some done

Picking on a few fresh hot

Bring the head down a bit

Leave the glass over there a few moments


A close call I must say

And now I will wind down

Wrap up the verse

I’ve got to get back

Check what’s on the stove

Before it’s too late

Bring back the glass

So not to waste



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He Said


I want it to be like it was he said

She looked at him with longing but could it be

He’d cheated and the young girl in their bed was all she could see

She didn’t want to

Marriage is forever though he hadn’t agreed

It didn’t take long before backwards it went

His best intentions fading out

Getting impatient she was taking too long to forget

She would watch him and try to rekindle

Let it burst into flame

But the young girls face peeked from under his chest

Still she accepted his embrace

Let their lips connect

Clear as day that girl again

Mouth opened as she’d moaned

Is this vision without end

She pushed him away he complained gruff voiced

Her tears fell


It was your choice

Not mine

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Full Bodied Burgundy

I don’t know what possessed me to travel to this world. I was already in a parallel universe and should have stayed or travelled back to my own world but a friend had become trapped here, a crucial lever, ha, what part isn’t important, anyway a lever to his machine had been destroyed and only he can rebuild a new one. Can’t save him or do anything constructive other than keep him company but that in itself helps when you’re not completely alone, there’s someone close you can complain to, and he can complain back. Misery and company, what a pair. After the time I’d spent in the last universe, I thought this place would be a relief and even if it’s colors would bleed through temporary peace is welcome. Ah, but I did begin with don’t know what possessed me to travel to this world so that’s already happened, peace has ended. I walk around these other-worldly streets and cannot not be amazed at what I see. It’s had to think of any people as uncivilized in this millennium so advanced but time is lost to them, they are their own separated from our technology yet with technology perceived as superior. Maybe they’re right. Beauty is according to the beholder.

I will have to get back to my own world and so will he.



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Listening To Frank Zappa


 Revelations Rated R With

Le Fate Ingnoranti, Incredible Hulk, 40 Carats: Figure It Out


Don’t you realize how fucked up I am

What inspires, influences

After so many years of pain

An abused person that no one knows

Could never wrap your head around where I’ve been

Easier to accuse and blame it on me

Rather than see what’s under your nose

The kid into the older woman

Should it be so simple

Together let’s run away

As the music plays on and I remember

I remember how it goes, how it went

I know love, well knew sex, I was there

Idealistic stupidity

I can relate though you can’t

It’s not easy to break through too many years

But the music brings it back

Brings back all the pain

And the shame at someone else’s hand

Dumped in my lap

As you rationalize back

Backwards to your safe place

My synapse exposed unprotected

No one knows

I will never be back



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Yawning I Am, Title Can’t Think


Yawning I am

Coffee not yet

Must be in Yoda mode

But I’m not one of those

Whatever a Star Wars-zer is called

Who has important opinions

Criticizing directors

How it should’ve been filmed

This time around it’s about time

On and on

I like science fiction but believe there’s a time to stop

End with dignity before that window closes

Closing… closing…

Let’s win the war before Vader’s great grandkids come up with more bad


As I go further down the tangent

Though the muse won’t let go

Come back Luke come back

No, stay in the mountains where vanity abounds

Hiding solves it all

Women have more chutzpah


Heh, don’t I know


On a peaceful Sunday that promises rain

So much rain

Undaunted birds sing

I’m siding with them

There I go yawning




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The Heat Kicks Ah-Hahn


The heat kicks on

A surprise


Been off so many days

My head swimming in my sinuses


Thanks to all this rain


Made espresso earlier

So far I’m two-shots in

Out of half n half so sad

You say what!

A habit I began in Italy

When in Rome I lived

Unlike the Romans


Any other milk t’is sin

But for now no worry

Later on I’ll see


Another stanza?



For now I’ll make toast while I think


So, so, so… so,


Cheesy garlic bread instead


A movie I remembered I didn’t like

But forgot why so

Watched it again


Reminded me of me

If I met an angel of light

I’d think he was bad

Most likely stab him like she did

Then a scene I’d completely forgot

The actress pregnant really

Getting into a tub side view

Over share I could’ve lived without

Light bulb clicks

I remembered reading it somewhere


Finally the end

She gives her life

She had to

She’d still be pregnant otherwise

Standing in full view

Even with clothes

Would special effects cover that?

Probably costs less if they don’t



The credits rolled and I said yeah

It all comes back

As sarcasm do

Feigned suspense

Credits held more than the plot


There’s an idea

Until next time


The End

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Day 2 Of A New Year


Hello 4am My Old Friend

Here we are

Sitting together again


I’d gotten a lot of sleep beginning with nodding on and off through James Bond no less, you’d think that kind of action’d keep me awake. Maybe the walk I took before settling in had something to do with it. Now I’m deciding if I want to take another walk to the market after it opens this morning. I can’t help but notice all this thinking is making me drowsy. The best idea might just be to see where I’d left off with the movie and get comfortable.


Yes, that’s definitely a plan.