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They were married. What they did was their business or so they thought. One evening he thought he’d add some spice and dressed as Batman, well… in a mask and cape at least. She’d agreed to be the damsel in distress tied to the train track, aka, their bed. He stood at the foot on the oak board as he leapt into the air to the rescue the post at the head breaking his fall. He tumbled unconscious on top of his bride. She panicked, never a good thing, and screamed for help.


The fire department came with an ambulance at their side but what a sight, naked and naked in a cape. Kept a straight face as they freed her and revived him loading him in for observation though they’d seen more than enough.


What would you have done?


This is what I would do…


He’d told me the story for whatever reason I can’t quite say what the intention might have been, to intrigue, to entice, nope, no way, but I didn’t have to think twice. “I’d have left you for dead” I said not missing a beat. “No way would anyone ever see us like that. I’d free myself then get dressed, call 911 after the fact. If you were still alive they’d revive you. I’d found you that way after all, you’d called me into the bedroom I heard a thud on the way in. ‘Poor man… I didn’t know he had it in him’… we’d and we’ll never do such a thing, don’t even go there.”


That was saltpeter enough.



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OK Then


OK Then


Sitting here staring at the screen

Know what I mean

Want to write

Don’t know what to say

Time ticks on get to wok soon

No that would be work

Learn to spell on the to-do

Get up get dressed wash the face

But first maybe

Nutella on toast

Excellent choice

Gotta stop now then

I’ll try again later

Or later again




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You Gave Him What He Wanted, I Gave Him What He Needed. That’s Why You Failed.


He demanded but you didn’t think overwhelmed by the command. Is that it? Was it a command or a plea? Was he just thinking out loud? No, I know what it was. You acted in fear but I acted out of love. That’s it. From fear the violence comes but in love the violence ends.


Sword fights can be tiring though even when you’re not striking but blocking the blow.


Yeah, exhausting actually.




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Maybe I Should Post It In The Monster Blog Because Of The Genre


Nothing like a monster car or truck yet the title was:

Tired But Not Tired Enough


Close but no cigar, that’s it

So here I sit


Actually I’m not going to sit I’m going to hard-boil a few eggs… what else was I thinking, yeah, maybe making some potato salad, the kind with mayo. It’s been a culinary creative day and I don’t feel like stopping. Might sift through the chicken and noodles of Friday’s school lunch, removing the chicken seeing I don’t eat the meat and have prepared noodles at the ready. When all is said and done I might feel drowsy enough to sleep to Drive Angry. You think you’ve had relatives from hell? Not like this guy and not at all figuratively speaking. “Mwah-ha-ha, I’d like you to meet my Grandfather” she’d said. “Those aren’t horns in the back of his head.” His grin dripped venom right onto their bed.SKULLIGHTS


Now here I go.



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“You know that man.”

“What man dad?”

“The one you go out with.”

“A man you go out with? You mean a boyfriend?”

“No, not a boyfriend. He takes you out?”


I knew, but who listens to a kid.


“Jee-go-low, you know, he takes you out.”

“Jee-go-low? Dad, what are you talking about?”

He got that mischievous smile. He wasn’t going to let this one pass him by. “What’s the matter Jeen, don’t you spik English?”

“Of course I speak English” she thundered back. “I was born in this country!”

“Jeen, Jee-go-low, you pay him to take you out.”


At that point I spoke up. “You mean gigolo Grandpa?”


He slapped his hand down on the table. “Gigolo! That’s it! Gigolo.”

“Gigolo! Dad why didn’t you say gigolo? You know what that is. Don’t I speak English!” Shaking her head in exasperation she turned back to what she was cooking.


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  As A Rule


Wine can make the heart merry

It’s divine intention to be

One evening feeling a Margarita though

I made one from a tequila liqueur

Because it was all there was

A digestif in nightcap’s true form

There’s a difference didn’t you know from liquor


Frozen, cold, refreshing, downed so smooth

Overwhelming never happens

Not to me you see I don’t get drunk as a rule

Needless to say it became a surprise

Then I was paralyzed

Didn’t care for this feeling at all

Had to lay still after getting comfortable if you will

Sleep came some hours passed

Happy to see daylight’s sense of born again


Moderately heavy head

Admittedly unpleasant that said

Lesson learned

A single shot will do




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  Poetry I Guess



I look at my cell but forget why

Oh my

Then I remember pages to see any notes

But there’re none

That says I’ve written from the last ones I’d dictated

And for some reason, some urge, some inspiration

This time around’s in verse

Which doesn’t help define about what

As I sit through the beginnings of a second sweltering day


Yes, it’s going to be hot


So I should stop and lay out for a bit


I’m in a coffee mood not iced

Just in a mood

Bean burrito filling simmering on the stove

Aroma infiltrates the air


But I just had Nutella on toast

That should suffice for now

Had to add that to my vocabulary

The programmer had no clue about Nutella



Well, found the cursor but my scroll bar is still lost

I’m not sure what happened or how to get it back

Sometimes I hate updates

Whose brilliant idea was this

Well in any case good morning on my silent Saturday

Espresso, cooking and me make three

Think I’ll slip into something less

Lay outside to toast, sweat

Soak in vitamin D

After I give what’s on the stovetop a stir


Do I just want to fall asleep






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Yes, I’m Up August 2017

Had a couple of thoughts then distracted by headlines, not that they were all that. What was on my mind…

Good question.

I’d thought ‘Still Looking For An Episode’ as a title but it could be a good wrap up. Then that I’d started something about the new year 2017 crossed my mind, is it still a new year eight months in, will reminding me make the difference? I want to keep a new year perspective for a whole year. Is it old and dusty by now? Hard not to let it fade.

As I was walking a strange thing happened, what I called ‘that man cry’ as I dictated to the Pages app on my phone. It happened while walking to work.


It will echo in my head all day

That man cry but yeah

“Ye-ouch!” (look at that)

Taken by surprise it was aimed at me

The only one the sidewalk no mistake

Yet how could that possibly be

At my age

Do I care about age not really

Sweet 16 long gone

21 too

Not worried

Thanks for the smile

It will echo in my head all day


As for the episode, I’m on a marathon going backwards season after season searching for a specific Supernatural show beginning with Season 8, I’m now one shy of being done with 4, I’m sure to find it soon. At least I hope so though I’ve nodded on and off while they were on as I plugged away, but I don’t think I missed anything for the most part coming into consciousness during parts not sleeping completely through… or at least I hope not.