Significant Weather

A significant weather advisory showed up in the weather alerts and I wondered so I googled. It means not enough to call it severe thunderstorm  but there could be hail or as opposed to cats and dogs, it’s going to rain rocks like on Planet 51. Ok, I’ll bring my iron-clad umbrella and keep my fingers crossed for the distance I have to walk to work it doesn’t rain until after I get there, the umbrella being heavy and ouch!. It also means lightening. I guess it was smart of me to put my wash on this 2am, now 3 from surfing around then deciding to write, and drying it before lightening strikes. Thank goodness it’s Friday and I otherwise have no reason to go anywhere for the weekend.

Sorry, got lost in some thought.

Thinking of a turn of events at work. My boss is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced and I wonder why is it if I am meant to be here she is part of it. Why do I have to have a terrible boss who threatens my security, my pay, pretty much anything she can. I’m hanging on for my life until I can retire. My poker face is getting worn. One of those things there’s no answer for I guess.

Escapades: Nothing Sweet About Sweet Ants

I’ve fought the good fight and hope I’ve won. Since the weather had gotten warmer I’d find a straggler ant or two making their way across my kitchen counter. Easy enough to smash with the tip of a forefinger but then, I don’t know maybe word got around and they staged a coup, would they have eaten the tip of my forefinger alive, hmmm, anyway too many congregated on the counter one evening. I knew what to do but first I got out my white vinegar solution and sprayed the countertop down wiping away pests. It wasn’t going to keep them away indefinitely; it would suffice until I went to the store for Terro, a magic solution that causes antocide. Sorry Dr Pym, Hope, Mr Ant Man (theirs being the only house on the planet ants won’t get into everything), I don’t have what it takes to tell them they need to go hang out underground and not in my kitchen, and damn that movie anyway for instilling a nagging feeling that’s almost a sadness I should be kinder to ants. What the …! If memory served the only place I could find Terro was at a hardware store where the super pest killer / repellents lived for sale, however modern times being modern times I sought out Google to see if anyone else sold it. What a pleasant surprise that lots of places do. A tiny bottle costs under $2.50 – zipedeedodah!

It wasn’t easy restraining from wiping away all that were emerging after I dotted the countertop with thick liquid drops, the point of it being letting them gather, eat it, get it on themselves, whatever they do to bring it back to the nest, infect the nest and RIP ants. I watched in amazement as what I remembered was supposed to happen happened, they are drawn to this stuff, congregate around it, then leave – there were so many. I also saw where everyone was coming in from and left extra in that spot. It took three days and they are gone. I cleaned off the counter to remove the poison and last night I finally put a couple of things back on it but good can come with change. I’ve found new places for stuff and decided to keep that as bare as possible and use it more as my preparation counter, no more clutter.

I’m digging the new look.

A Book Review: Blinders Keepers by John Rachel


Blinders Keepers On More Levels Than You Can Count


Two horsemen War and Death ride. They might as well with the world especially the US leadership, economy, you-name-it, going to hell in a handbasket. In Missouri there was nothing with that nothingness being captured so much so I thought this book couldn’t possibly be for me, but it all exploded in a blink and the Two sprung forth through the flame. Famine and Conquest could not help but follow and weren’t going to miss it. The lamb indeed follows with them and treks across the country with nowhere to hide while the father watches over his son or is it his guardian angel leaving notes? He’s drawing a blank and keeps it up relentlessly, we the readers don’t know yet, but it’s any man’s game in an apocalypse.


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride holds nothing on this book although I’d be afraid to imagine what a Blinders Keepers Wild Ride might be. Everyone around him keeps dying but our protagonist just can’t figure it out – I figured it out. I mean, if I can figure it out what’s his deal? Have you ever wanted to yell at a movie screen when the character isn’t moving fast enough or you know what’s going to happen next but s/he doesn’t. I wanted to grab Noah by both shoulders and shake him but realities keep becoming just too blurred. Turns out the father and guardian angel are one and the same double agent, if you will, keeping him alive. To top it off there’s this meteor that doesn’t really exist but the President sees opportunity in opinion polls going up in his favor pretending it does. I don’t know why he just doesn’t send Noah’s dad and a military crew into space to napalm it like they do to so many others.


When you read Blinders Keepers you should hold on to something.




Grandma’s Christmas


I am very tired not from anything constructive that’s kept me so occupied all day but from relaxation. True that with each thing I did, like washing my face, I cleared the sink off, sprayed it down and cleaned it, finally got to the mirror and removed splash spots and going to the bathroom I put a new tablet in the tank and washed the bowl. I’d been peacefully asleep but the winds picked up to the point of rattling windows as if they would blow out of their frames, well more accurately it sounded as if the wall might be ripped open while rain slapped the side of the building. Kind of like sleeping through a tornado it wouldn’t have been impossible to sleep through it all but this sensation insisted on presenting itself that I could be getting very wet very soon. “Oh, the towel” that’d been draped over a chair on the balcony made me wonder if it were still there not that it would have more of an impact than a wall being torn off a building. Nonetheless I got up to check and was surprised when I went to its rescue it just wasn’t that wet. Is this scenario, or should I say this time around the bark of the elements was worse than their bite? I don’t even care if that sentence makes sense. That towel I now have hanging in the bathroom with a fan blowing on it to dry is making the entire place smell wonderfully fresh. Now that’s worthwhile.


And I’m annoyed with myself for letting this thing distract me when all I want to do is close my eyes.


While I’m thinking of it I’m taking my stuff into the bedroom. Maybe I’ll stop typing and find a movie to lull me back not that I think it’ll take much effort on my part to nod off. There goes that wind again pushing the unseasonably warm out of the way of the cold it should be. Huh, says who… Is that thunder? There’s the rain again that shouldn’t be here, by now it was supposed to have stopped. Do the weathermen really know for sure? Mother nature smiles a “the hell you say”.


In any case like I said, I am tired and for the last time I’m going to read this thing through. Though under the covers my slippers aren’t keeping my feet warm and my flannel shirt isn’t keeping the rest of me warm.


Oh bother!







“A picnic table with a tablecloth no less, a yard, trespassers comfortable, using our driveway to cut a path.” Megan sat back musing. “No wonder I can’t sleep. Beachfront property? How do you justify owning the ocean, never said… well, we don’t actually, still; the beach counts. How do you get the message across to people and keep smiling? Maybe… but shall we close the borders?” Kreep bellowed a laugh. “Define ‘the borders’.” His arm panned the turbulent vastness, no other land in sight. “She’s restless today. Netting. Wouldn’t look pretty.” Megan sighed. “Think someone might try to play tennis?”







The Prompt: …but shall we close the borders…


100WCGU – Week#175


Float Trip

Get out she says, I want you out.

Joe just stood there. Now what… This time he’s not willing to lose everything or leave behind things she covets just to pacify. “Pacify what, how does that go, ‘don’t try to figure out a plan, you can’t reason with a headless man’ in this case a woman. How can I do this in a more rational way with an irrational woman whose mood could change like the flip of a switch?” None of this stops friends and family from giving age-old advice “don’t worry about it, it’ll take care of itself”. He hopes as he sits espresso in hand reflecting on what’s come to pass; in a matter of moments fate has been decided… or has it? His usefulness came to an end and he’s now outdated. “One door closes another opens, another wise-old-sagely goody, but it’s hard to see what that new door will be. What will it bring?” Suddenly an air of relief tries to enter, a breath of fresh air, hope, possibility. He can feel it as if it were a breeze but in a split second it’s gone. It all seems so dead. It is death but Joe wants life to go on preferably with her… and his stuff.