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Melted Glass

Going outside to blow out the candle or put the metal lid on to snuff it out, I noticed it was unusually loose. I lifted it to reposition and screw it on, very gently of course, when glass fused to the lid came off with the lid. It was melting, heated enough from the candle burning overnight. Who knew that would happen…  I now use the unusual lid for the spent matches that light or lit the candle.



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Must Tell The World: Sunday Brunch Or Saving The Potato Salad

Sautéing garlic cloves, onion and green/red bell pepper in olive oil… took the container of leftover potato salad and dumped it on top… cranked the heat up a bit and cooked uncovered, potatoes browned beautifully, flavor – very good, put most in a new container, scrambled an egg in what was left in the pan, topped with a slice of muenster… I’d show you a picture but it’s all gone!