Didn’t Mean To Close Out Of Chrome

But I did and I didn’t mean to press s instead of d for didn’t, sidn’t – oh well caught it before it made press more or less.  The sun is going down but it’s not gone yet. The lights at the distant high school stadium are on as usual though no one’s there. They stand tall above the trees, no game tonight, summer school begins and ends by 4th of July, in the background my grandson talks to his iPad and the game he’s playing. We’ve discovered online games in multi-player you communicate with, and getting caught up sometimes you tell your character what to do or lament out loud when s/he doesn’t make it. No worse than talking to the game on TV. Don’t we all have advice for the professionals?

Soon enough we’ll relax and I will sink in. I could close my eyes now but there’s no reason for him to have to turn in too early because grandma has weird sleeping habits never knowing or planning when she’ll wake, wander to another room to stretch out, possibly decide to stay up for a minute and start a wash.

I love the peacefulness of the night, that special intimacy (is that redundant) none of which I haven’t said 100 times if not more since I began bloggery circa 2011. At the same time I anticipate early morning, that time day begins to wake to christen the latest coffee cup addition to my collection. It’s smaller than most I own, 11 ounces, but it is perfect for cappuccino. You can’t go wrong with cappuccino.

You already know that too.



If I Can’t Get Rid Of The Lint I’m Throwing It Out

And I did

So far the snow hasn’t come though it’s cold enough. Day before yesterday I wore sandals and carried my jacket and boots that I needed in the morning in a tote on the way home. Midwest is as Midwest does. When we first moved here and being used to real winters on those rare occasions there was a considerable amount of snow the kids and the dog would go out and play in it until it all had melted away which could be in eight hours’ time, the most amazing phenomenon as far as we were concerned, Used to November actually being a cold early winter month I’d step out in my best sweater and insulated vest to find myself overdressed as noon approached. What on earth? Where are we? Thirty years later I can say yup that’s the way it is but I don’t have to like it.

I don’t

Not light yet but the laundry is done. Last bit tumbling dry and I’m thinking what’s next.

Coffee and sunrise when it gets here…

Stumble Forward

Persephone rejoices, I sure would, to get out of that place. Like an ocean baby surrounded by land, set me free. Peace out! Cappuccino soon and gazing at the sun though some clouds want to get in its way but none of this is planned.

How many ways can I write about falling back or springing forward? That man-made construct time will tell. Will it? Does time talk, it ticks or whatever sounds clocks make depending on manufacturers. I’m thinking Clox, the next best thing, all because of a typo.

Time for cappuccino and watching the light. This is the way it should be.

Freshen Up


Well I think now at 2 a.m. as I’m winding down I should wash my face

Haven’t done that yet and brush my teeth after this coffee

Strong but with no effect I’ll tell you the Italians know how to do it right

Though others do try but not enough bold and dark

If it were wouldn’t have to paste it over the wrapper

Not bad though I’ll keep it on the counter

Honorable mention


How rapid I type

Still I’ll wash up again and watch To Wong Foo and he-men playing women

They make the best like many women want to be

How do they do it


Men make the best women because they’re free

No hangups not insecure they can be their own fantasy

The way we should be no criticism or comments

Condemnation nigh

They’d deck the sexists for sure

Not from them these three

Wise men perhaps bringing gifts from afar

The way it should be

Humility And Slippers

Just thoughts

No punctuation

Life does change in a blink

Officially retired now first benefit in

The sky is beginning to lighten think I’ll open the blinds a bit

Guy in the building behind me keeps looking in my direction

Means nothing but maybe though he’s a smoker

How many have I seen freezing in below zero desperate for the first drag

Drag so many different implications

The complexity of English to frustrate students

Could make a good lesson could be fun


No doubt a coffee on the horizon somewhere



And Gunther Was His Name-O

I felt happy though I didn’t know why

For the past couple of days a lightening of spirit


Arnold makes cappuccino in huge cups like him

I shouldn’t be surprised with skulls no hearts


Sprinkled cinnamon design or was it cocoa

Hope he used Italian espresso at least

I’ll say it was good, don’t know

As I sip mine in a cappuccino cup designed in Italy


It’s early yet no light no sun hours to go

Anyway I watched that movie because he was in it

Though more tan half went by before I saw him

Different and interesting flick

Comedy not too gross not exactly family

But I appreciate the grownup aim like in kids cartoons gone by

Wouldn’t mind owning a copy


Clothing in the dryer tumble

Think the washer is rinsing that second time