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Isola di Capri, Italia…

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“Our soul needs more space than our body. I want my house open to the sun, the wind and the voice of the sea – like a Greek temple, and, above all: light, light, light – everywhere!”(Axel Munthe)

This tiny island used to be called “Khapros”(boar isle!) by the Greeks, then, after the Romans arrived, they distorted the word and its name turned into “capreae” that later became “Goat island”; situated 40′ from Naples by hydrofoil, 1/2 day is enough to visit it, but I suggest a pleasant boat tour, as it allows to admire its cliffs and awesome grottos… 🙂

N.B. Axel Munthe was a Swedish writer and doctor who studied medicine in France; he lived most of his life @ Villa San Michele, Ana Capri – described in his famous novel “The Story of San Michele”, published in 1929, translated into, at least, 45 languages and reckoned as…

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There Was A Title

Walking in the snow as the sun was trying to break through it ran through my mind. Instead of taking note through pages on the cell I wondered if I’d remember it then got taken up in the sunshine / clouds/ large flakes swirling, so many up early shoveling, plowing and did I tell you I almost got eaten by a large dog snarling at me, darting across the street though I was past his house to save face with his person snarling ” get back here damn dog” ? Forgot its name but I did notice he was up to my waist. If he’d taken a chunk from my buttocks some would have been disappointed, even devastated, still… at my age! Nothing could stop me from drinking in the morning. Even with my Uggs absorbing the moisture, the leather waterproof ones I didn’t pack , each time the sun broke through I forgot, felt warm, are my toes wet? Yes they were but that was ok.

I’m tired of the cold and being cold, want to go home though not yet, can’t, another 8 inches with delays or are schools closed today? We’ll know that in due time. My, my it’s almost 5. Matcha tea with protein ginger and honey, espresso? One thing for certain, slipper boots. Toes definitely cold with these socks.

Tired of being cold.

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suggestion constante…:-)

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“Peignez la vie aux couleurs de l’amour, pour que son aura vous éclaire à jamais!”(Monique Moreau)

où que vous soyez, passez une semaine formidable et à+! 🙂

“Paint life with the colors of love, and its aura will brighten you forever!”(Monique Moreau – French poet and philosopher)

wherever you are, have a fantastic week and see you asap! 🙂

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une année pétillante et splendide!:-)

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qqs suggestions raisonnables pour 2019… ouvrez en grand la fenêtre de votre cœur afin que l’AMOUR y rentre! évitez les personnes qui vous tirent vers le bas; passez du temps avec ceux qui vous sont fidèles, dévoués, vous aiment inconditionnellement, désintéressés, et vous apprécient ouvertement, vous apportent de la joie, vous font rire… ne vous mettez pas en colère pour des choses qu’on ne peut pas changer; gardez le contrôle de votre vie, profitez-en à fond, car… elle peut s’arrêter à tout moment!

wish you all: 1 year of joy, 12 months of health, 52 weeks of luck, 365 days of love, 8760 hours of happiness, 525,600 minutes of prosperity, 31,536,000 seconds of inner peace…

a few common sense suggestions for 2019… open up the window of your heart and let LOVE come in! avoid people who pull you down; spend time with those who are selfless, faithful, devoted, and…

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