Aging With Dignity And Grace


The hell you say.

There was a t-shirt that said “Getting Old Isn’t For Wimps” with a picture of a wrinkled Rosie the Riveter, sleeve rolled up still sporting the muscle. It was on Facebook, and you know how it goes, if you don’t save it or share it it could disappear. If I ever find it again I’m buying one, and I’m not a t-shirt person as a rule, but let me tell you…

This week I worked ten hour shifts, something I haven’t done since medical and that was 20 years ago. Am I adding right, I quit for good in 1997, so 2007, 2017, yup… how is it possible, still in those days it was 12 hour shifts 7pm to 7am. Can’t say I’ve missed them. Two of the kids in my classroom who happen to be infants come in very early and I was accommodating parents and the one staff member who opens the center. My schedule will be more organized this coming week, but I have to say my heart may have been in the right place but my body is still saying ouch.

Last night I left work with whatever wind it was, beyond second, nonetheless a spring in my step, caught the bus to a stop close to where I thought I’d treat myself to dinner, then stop at the grocery store for a few things and head across the highway and home. It was all in the same shopping area. I was fairly lucid ordering, paying with tip, then began winding down as I ate. When I left I felt the first signs of honest wear on my body, but chin up I hiked down the strip to the grocery store where I bought stuff weighing more than I wanted to carry. After checkout getting ready to exit the store, one of the assistant managers told me to feel free to push the cart to the end of the lot. Being a regular he knew I walked. After I’d parked the cart and had bags slung I really felt it. It’s been a while since I’ve prayed but I hoped I’d have strength enough to make it up the incline and across the way. My body asked ‘can we rest now’? “Not yet, almost there.”

What a relief walking through the front door, dropping totes on the floor! (No worries, no eggs!) There wasn’t a place on me that didn’t ache from wear.

Typing this now I still have sand in my eyes. Remember that expression? It’s real. I did push it a little this morning by sneaking back across the street before it was light to pick up the last few things that gratefully weighed less than what was carted home the evening before. Getting organized in the store I thought my legs might buckle, my eyes wanted to close and open up later. Guess I’ll be rethinking how to bounce back. My retirement officially begins Wednesday, December 6th. I will be there at 7 but leave at 1. I have social security, no pension so work I must, nonetheless these hours will be like vacationing at Club Med.

Sweet bliss.

My 83 year old mom’d told me she has big ideas and starts her day like she always did years ago, but realizes like it or not she has to rest, she gets tired and can’t do it the way she used to.

I get it. Definitely not for wimps.






Autumnal Equinox 2017

What does it mean? Nothing according to retail as visions of Christmas crop up alongside Halloween with no mention of Thanksgiving until it’s time to buy a turkey. Still I’m in 1000% long weekend mode believing Monday is Sunday feeling there should be a few more days off, paid days off before back to the grind. Gotta love relax mode but don’t worry, at least I’m not that I’ll face reality tomorrow. I’ll go to work. Promise.

What a weekend though, cooking up a storm, watching movies, shows, brush teeth later than earlier… why is that a luxury… eewww, gross…. but to a child it’s a sign of no school when we wash up later. Let the festivities continue… and sleep late if you can. How nice to rise early to enjoy the peacefulness with no demands of the day, to play games without interruption to catch the school bus.

It’s the little things.

I love September. Can’t wait for cooler weather to win out over 80 degrees. Time for change.

Well, Well, Well… July 2017

Sun, quiet, changed the calendars to the new month while it was still dark, think I’ll make the rounds and see what the new picture is on each. From here I see a new recipe with what resembles biscuits on the kitchen wall, and a ship at sea in the living room … the other two should have a forest scene and an island beach.


Well, the biscuits are crab cakes, the ship is on the way to Galápagos, the scene is in a meadow this time with brilliant yellow birds alighting on wild flowers and the beach is Saint-Tropez… was it Coppertone that boasted the Saint-Tropez tan? Could’ve sworn the jingle rhymed with Saint-Tropez … yup, Bain de Soleil. Google is so damned convenient.


She looks a little pale to me. Do they make that stuff anymore… Wow, 1983… I’d graduated from high school 11 years ago already. How’s that for vernacular? I was 28.


My son was 5, my daughter not a thought yet. With what I know now, she was impatiently waiting…




Birds Begin Chirping Around 4 A.M.



I know because I was up before 4 and then it got noisy and I looked at the clock, well; cell phone screen. There went tranquility. It was so, what can I call it, it was so active, there was so much chatter it was as if they were all getting their assignments for the day or hadn’t seen each other for so long it was such a delightful surprise… many delightful surprises. So much expression if there could be with chirping, or if there are expressive lilts in chirping voice the volume evident on a stock market floor. I don’t know but I know everyone was up. I thought “birds begin chirping at 4am” then thought “Hey! ‘Birds Begin Chirping Around 4A.M’.” Works for me.


And here we are.


Maybe it was assignments for mother’s day.


My mom and I had a conversation about Mother’s Day and I realized where I got my perspective from, not that I had to agree but I did this time. I told my kids don’t worry about Mother’s Day, every day is Mother’s Day when you’re a mom not that it stopped them from making cards and homemade gifts which were always a treasure to receive. For me my kids were the best part and that was every day. When I came home from work and we were together nothing outside could hurt me. I guess Mother’s Day could be like birthdays. You’d celebrate those, then again; you do on their birthdays. See what I mean? How don’t you celebrate mothers’ day?


Happy Mothers’ Day.




Saturday Morning


A million birds outside or at least that’s what it sounds like with an interesting array of chirps. Haven’t checked the weather yet, wonder what type of day it’s going to be.

Let’s see…

52 now and nothing but sunshine going into the upper 70s. Perfect day for a birthday party at the rollerskating rink and anything else. Grandson is turning 7 and 19 days later the other one will be 2. Life does pass in a blink though I remember being anxious to hit those milestones, 13, 16, 18 then 21. After that there’s nothing else to worry about finally old enough to be legal for everything and no doors will ever be closed to you again. Watch out for big trouble though, all decisions count, you’re responsible and accountable for you but the world is wide open.