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Birds Begin Chirping Around 4 A.M.



I know because I was up before 4 and then it got noisy and I looked at the clock, well; cell phone screen. There went tranquility. It was so, what can I call it, it was so active, there was so much chatter it was as if they were all getting their assignments for the day or hadn’t seen each other for so long it was such a delightful surprise… many delightful surprises. So much expression if there could be with chirping, or if there are expressive lilts in chirping voice the volume evident on a stock market floor. I don’t know but I know everyone was up. I thought “birds begin chirping at 4am” then thought “Hey! ‘Birds Begin Chirping Around 4A.M’.” Works for me.


And here we are.


Maybe it was assignments for mother’s day.


My mom and I had a conversation about Mother’s Day and I realized where I got my perspective from, not that I had to agree but I did this time. I told my kids don’t worry about Mother’s Day, every day is Mother’s Day when you’re a mom not that it stopped them from making cards and homemade gifts which were always a treasure to receive. For me my kids were the best part and that was every day. When I came home from work and we were together nothing outside could hurt me. I guess Mother’s Day could be like birthdays. You’d celebrate those, then again; you do on their birthdays. See what I mean? How don’t you celebrate mothers’ day?


Happy Mothers’ Day.




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Saturday Morning


A million birds outside or at least that’s what it sounds like with an interesting array of chirps. Haven’t checked the weather yet, wonder what type of day it’s going to be.

Let’s see…

52 now and nothing but sunshine going into the upper 70s. Perfect day for a birthday party at the rollerskating rink and anything else. Grandson is turning 7 and 19 days later the other one will be 2. Life does pass in a blink though I remember being anxious to hit those milestones, 13, 16, 18 then 21. After that there’s nothing else to worry about finally old enough to be legal for everything and no doors will ever be closed to you again. Watch out for big trouble though, all decisions count, you’re responsible and accountable for you but the world is wide open.


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Writing in the daylight sunshine streaming in, go figure. Resetting the font for the umpteenth time… again. An error in the game, a video wouldn’t play. Ok, try once more. If you think I’m trading off 1000 food for 500 no way. Only if I’m forced to and the system says ‘no videos can be found’, well that’s that. But, perseverance prevailed. Rockstar Dragon that looks like Slash nailed High Tension with a Magneto blow, just enough for Pure Terra to finish him off, I win. Now, for the prize again of 1000 food if I watch a video instead of snatching up 500 with no wait. Nah. Another error but I write as I go back in. Perseverance prevails again and once more a win. Tumbleweed has no effect on the Monstrous Dragon. Oops, I forgot. Nail him with a Hypnotic blow. Yes, I win again and again. One of these days my grandson will take over. 361 out of 400 battles won soon I’ll have the League. It’s something to do till then.


Took down decorations but left up the tree. I got to thinking how trees outside are decorated for the season then tinsel is taken down but the tree isn’t chopped down and discarded it’s left to keep growing outside. Why not! Practical unless you need the wood but it will need to dry and you’ve got to replenish the environment not strip it out. This one’s pretty with pinecones, holly, white branches and dotted light and I like houseplants anyway. It can stay. One large white snowflake left on the wall. It is winter after all. One large tassel left up as if hanging a degree. Education and promise, wine red and dark wood, warmth and we’ll see. New fragrance cube in the warmer slow scent fills the room.


Well, that’s how I started the very first day.


Happy 2017.




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Clarity Is A Form


Let’s discuss this

Just like grownups

I’ve something to say

It’s on the tip of my tongue

You know that hiding place

Laaaaa… see…

Wha duhh ih sa… ?


Resolutions to consider

You know

I like being me

I know who I am

I finally understand

Some things


Each day is new

I observe, participate


Celebrate each breath

Ponder if it’s my best

Health conscious

Life is for living


To the full it’s true


Foot forward

Goodnight fear

So this time next year

All the others too

The only thing I must do

Is write the correct date

On a check, papers, application…


100 Word Challenge For Grownups


Prompt: “…this time next year…”

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Rough Draft


Why am I thinking of this man? Her mind wouldn’t rest. She’d dreamt about him; he’d held her, non-threatening. It felt nice. Every now and again he’d creep into her mind. She’d taken a mouthful of bourbon and saw him kissing moisture from her lips. She imagined she might be old enough to be his grandmother but at least his mother then saw him kissing her mouth shut.

I’m insane.


Were he and his wife divorced or just separated?

Well, at least we were free. Are free.


When he’d first seen her he walked by running his hand along the remnant of her waist…





Prompt: “At least we were free”

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#157


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Those I’ll Keep



As I put the decorations away I

Separated out what I’d bought

This time around

These I’ll keep

Tinsel, new garland

Draping into a box surround

A Santa in a basket made

When my son was a boy

Kindergarten I believe

An odd-shaped Santa statue from abroad

A gift from students, snowman too

I recall thinking “is this how you see me”

Jolly, round, rosy cheeks

A glass high-heel, no tradition there

Not my favorite one

But my daughter written all over it

Cinderella slipper-ornament has become

As I put the decorations away I

Gently pressed the lid

Till next year

My next year


For now we begin






The first prompt for 2015 is:


… As I put the decorations away I