Between Sleep And Awake: A Notebook Of Stories is an assortment of short stories and poetry.


An Apartment In Madrid is about life as a teacher living and holding down jobs in Spain and the surrounding adventures, some becoming pretty hair-raising, while trying to blend with a new culture. It’s an unexpected-from-the-inside-out look . Who ever thought teaching would be so full of intrigue? Maggie certainly didn’t.





While We Wait For The Agent To Call Back

“I attended what turned out to be an all-nighter send-off bash for the American who was quitting. We, all of the school’s teachers and the owners, met at a restaurant-club, restaurant upstairs, club downstairs, and around 2A.M. I decided to catch the metro and head home only to find out the trains stop running at 1 and don’t run again until 6 … ”

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