Between Sleep And Awake: A Notebook Of Stories Is a collection of literary fiction, poetry and memoir. Whatever your fancy, there’s something there for everyone.


“Not A Nor’ Easter But A Mid’ Wester

 Two days of 73 yet New York’s buried in snow

Trees down electric out

I want to be cozy in winter clothes

Hot cocoa, peppermint, electric fireplace glow

Tired of muggy warm with November

An appointment the 3rd wouldn’t you know

50 and rainy slight whipping around

Getting there I suppose, winter could get closer

Walking’s good cardio I have this umbrella

The size 3 friends fit beneath

It could work, that I’m pleased

I’ll enjoy being dry, no more compacts for me

Made my destination

Now to walk home in more rain

Wind picked up I wonder

Could I fly…”






Mr. Belushi Starts Thinking

One day, Mr. Belushi decided to come back to Madrid for a visit. His future wife wanted to see him too, tragic, tragic. Mr. Belushi thought he might fly to the country next door and saunter over the border, besides, they make good port wine there. “What if I was just out for a walk and I crossed over the border”, Mr. Belushi mused. “Would anyone really notice?”


“An Elevator In Istanbul

Public transportation is excellent all over Europe. Many times I’d walk to the station and catch the train to Eminönü, walk to a variety of places, take a ferry for the Bosphorus tour or to the Princes’ Islands. Each time I’d ride the train back home the youth of Istanbul, young to early teenage boys, would jump the train as it was pulling out of the station and either ride along outside or pull the doors open and come on in. They made it look almost easy…”



 The bear wandered closer to get a good look

A young kid, next companion for lunch

I’ll get cool and calm

He won’t know a thing

I’ll come back here later

We’ll munch”


“Shaken, On The Rocks: Summer Martini

” Fresh crisp liquid

I savor as elegant stuffed olives work their way

Through crushed ice

To the pinnacle at the bottom of the glass

Crystal frosted etched design

Cloudy, dirty

And another with broken icebergs

Floating …”


“Italian Alps

Wandering through town
Bitter cold winter clouds
Drifted low today
Uninvited settled, wrapping embrace
Amazing, perfect, chilling the bone…”


“Rendezvous Times Deux

Rendezvous with the sun by the pool at 10:30 am. Should be a scorcher; it’ll get crowded so now is our time. I brought a book, water on the rocks, my cell for monitoring the flip every 30 minutes, greased up with Hawaiian Tropic, SPF not too high, and laid back beckoning the sun wrap itself around me. That’s some embrace…

Reminds me of another curious thing that happened on a sultry summer day…

Snake In A Lawn Chair Tanning In The Sun

      Have You Ever Seen This One? But, it really happened on a day in the sun.

A perfect sultry day

For a sultry woman

In her sultry way

Two chairs in the yard

“On this one I’ll stay”

Laying oils and a book underneath

Eyes closed as she breathed summer heat …”


An Apartment In Madrid, published under three different covers, is about life as a teacher living and holding down jobs in Spain and the surrounding adventures, some becoming pretty hair-raising, while trying to blend with a new culture. It is an unexpected-from-the-inside-out look that runs the gamut from excitement, intrigue, success, surprise, wonder, bewilderment, and determination, to incredulity, loss, stress, exhaustion and relief. It’s intense, emotional, and non-stop.

Who ever thought teaching would be so full of intrigue? Maggie certainly didn’t.


“Chapter 5: Loud Sex and Smokin’ Cigarettes

I was a sittin’ on a bench

A bench nearby the street

Waitin’ for my love

A love I know’s so sweet


I waited and I waited

But no one ever came

In the middle of the night

I kept a wishin’ his name …”


“While We Wait For The Agent To Call Back

Not a chapter but, while we’re waiting: I attended what turned out to be an all-nighter send-off bash for the American who was quitting. We, all of the school’s teachers and the owners, met at a restaurant-club, restaurant upstairs, club downstairs, and around 2A.M. I decided to catch the metro and head home only to find out the trains stop running at 1 and don’t run again until 6 … ”

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“Not As Close As He Wanted It Encounters – I Couldn’t Help But Wonder “Why Me?”

Chapter 18

“… about a week after the invitation of “we’re alone”, he made a second attempt toward another close encounter. He was home before I was again, had the door locked again but this time he was in the living room. I’d put my things in the bedroom and was en route to the bathroom when he burst out of the living room and stopped me as I was standing in the bathroom doorway, my arms full of toiletries. Why ever, we got on the subject of food. He eats a lot of meat. “I used to eat more meat but I don’t eat as much anymore. I have more yogurt, fruits, nuts, veggies and fish. I love salads.” “You must have a very strong body and be in very good shape.” I got the look again with the slowly pondering-what-he-just-said smile…” “

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