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There Was A Title

Walking in the snow the sun trying to break through it ran through my mind. Instead of taking note through Pages I wondered if I’d remember then got taken up in the sunshine / clouds/ large flakes swirling, so many up early shoveling, plowing and did I tell you I almost got eaten by a large dog snarling at me, darting across the street though I was past his house to save face with his person both snarling ” get back here damn dog” ? Forgot its name but I did notice he was up to my waist. If he’d taken a chunk from my buttocks some would have been disappointed, even devastated, still… at my age! Nothing could stop me from drinking in the morning. Even with my Uggs absorbing the moisture, the leather waterproof ones I didn’t pack , each time the sun broke through I forgot, felt warm, are my toes wet? Yes they were but that was ok.

I’m tired of the cold and being cold, want to go home though not yet, can’t, another 8 inches with delays or are schools closed today? We’ll know that in due time. My, my it’s almost 5. Matcha tea with protein ginger and honey, espresso? One thing for certain, slipper boots. Toes definitely cold with these socks.

Tired of being cold.