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Sunday Is For Vampire July 2018

Myas: The Other Mistress Of The Dark

So I looked up the Chronicles of Riddick that was after I’d watched The Wolfman. Vampires still on my mind I was reminded of a conversation… why? Can’t say, “My friends and I have simple tastes, we drink Busch Light”. “My condolences” I’d said. The beverages offered after assistance given moving a heavy piece, yes could’ve done it myself but I can’t let anyone know, not in public, in daylight; anyway were a higher end, good quality and potency cast to the wayside by simpler tastes. Suit yourself I’ll keep them is what I didn’t say. Later that Christmas holiday the trash men received a bag I know they didn’t throw into the back of the truck for refuse or recycle amounting to a six of cheer. Well appreciated might do it again next year.

Simpler tastes aren’t worth a bite on the neck or anywhere. Thin, watery, cheap blood …

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