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If I Can’t Get Rid Of The Lint I’m Throwing It Out

And I did

So far the snow hasn’t come though it’s cold enough. Day before yesterday I wore sandals and carried my jacket and boots that I needed in the morning in a tote on the way home. Midwest is as Midwest does. When we first moved here and being used to real winters on those rare occasions there was a considerable amount of snow the kids and the dog would go out and play in it until it all had melted away which could be in eight hours’ time, the most amazing phenomenon as far as we were concerned, Used to November actually being a cold early winter month I’d step out in my best sweater and insulated vest to find myself overdressed as noon approached. What on earth? Where are we? Thirty years later I can say yup that’s the way it is but I don’t have to like it.

I don’t

Not light yet but the laundry is done. Last bit tumbling dry and I’m thinking what’s next.

Coffee and sunrise when it gets here…