Don’t Feel Like Listening To The Washer


How many times have I cursed the muse for coming to me at all hours, while I was walking but couldn’t write fretful I’d forget what was running through my mind, while I was in the middle of work and couldn’t pause to jot anything down? Now I wail I want to write but about what… hmmm. Scraps, scraps, I need food for thought, but what it boils down to is I’m tired, lazy, relaxed and just feel like a movie.

But I love writing.

That said…

I love watching my favorite actors over the years like we’re all aging together as life presses on. Tonight a dark tale about a vindictive crime boss ordering someone to assassinate a man, a co-hitman and friend, the day he gets out of prison where he spent the last 28 years of his life without saying a word about the job. How well they play the role, professional killers with integrity, old fashioned integrity. They help a person here and there and in the end team together to wax the vindictive boss who made the mistake of threatening an innocent woman if the job didn’t get done. Did he know who he threatened was the granddaughter of? It didn’t matter. In 28 years times change, roles aren’t what they used to be as the two became young again shooting his thugs, his bodyguards first then each pane of glass out of the building windows he was trying to hide behind. I’m guessing the boss didn’t make it, his undoing for first having them in his employ, second believing he could lord himself over them oblivious to who they had become as they perfected their craft, besides, there are some things you just don’t do, there are ways people should behave. Not behaving brings consequences, these guys spent their lives being the consequences.

Good times.




If I Can’t Get Rid Of The Lint I’m Throwing It Out

And I did

So far the snow hasn’t come though it’s cold enough. Day before yesterday I wore sandals and carried my jacket and boots that I needed in the morning in a tote on the way home. Midwest is as Midwest does. When we first moved here and being used to real winters on those rare occasions there was a considerable amount of snow the kids and the dog would go out and play in it until it all had melted away which could be in eight hours’ time, the most amazing phenomenon as far as we were concerned, Used to November actually being a cold early winter month I’d step out in my best sweater and insulated vest to find myself overdressed as noon approached. What on earth? Where are we? Thirty years later I can say yup that’s the way it is but I don’t have to like it.

I don’t

Not light yet but the laundry is done. Last bit tumbling dry and I’m thinking what’s next.

Coffee and sunrise when it gets here…

Stumble Forward

Persephone rejoices, I sure would, to get out of that place. Like an ocean baby surrounded by land, set me free. Peace out! Cappuccino soon and gazing at the sun though some clouds want to get in its way but none of this is planned.

How many ways can I write about falling back or springing forward? That man-made construct time will tell. Will it? Does time talk, it ticks or whatever sounds clocks make depending on manufacturers. I’m thinking Clox, the next best thing, all because of a typo.

Time for cappuccino and watching the light. This is the way it should be.

Doo Wa Diddy Diddy Don’t Forget The Easter Egg Hunt Later


And so this is Easter and what’s going on

Another season has passed us

A new one’s begun

And here we are Easter

EB’s made his full run

The baskets flow over

Through a day filled with fun


A very Happy Easter

Part of a brand new year

Celebration and feasting

No turning back from good cheer


And so this is Easter

Lemme see what you got

Children chatter excited

The best breakfast food it’s not


Although it’s unhealthy

Your folks don’t mind at all

Once a year it won’t kill you

Good breakfast served there’s the call

We gather round the table baskets tight in each fist

Take a break from the chocolate

Nothing’s better than this



Bowls of Easter eggs

Traditional menu

Braided breads it’s all homemade

Coffee’s flowing

Espresso served too

With a shot of anisette

I will and how about you