Witch’s Hair

You have witch’s hair he’d said but she said no it’s simply mine, curly true more like Einstein’s. Why don’t we say it’s Einstein hair. He was really smart, you’re not that smart. Are you sure could only be the reply. Do you know that for certain? Let me tell you something:

The way I was raised we’d never talk to an adult like that so why don’t you go to the principle’s office and discuss manners and why you think you should comment like that, just blurt without thought; in fact, let’s get the principle right now.

The teacher dialed the office and went through it again while a student sat there aghast. No turning back from this, he was committed whether he wanted to be or not. You can go to the office now he was told as she hung up the phone. Deflated he walked in a daze down the hall as if an electric chair, his only fate, awaited. Zzzt… zzzztt….  The others sat quiet, the revelry snuffed out in a what just happened.

Not to add insult to injury she had an idea. Let’s begin with science, change things up a bit and find a Bill Nye the Science Guy episode to do with hair and see all we can learn about hair, how it gets it’s color, why straight, why curly, how we get that in-between wavy or with body. Could be fun.

She looked away from students sitting quietly aghast and typed Bill Nye the Science Guy all about hair in the search. I’ll let your teacher know she told them. She’ll give you a quiz. Yes, I think we’ll make this a lab.

They were all committed now, no turning back.


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