Write A Country Song


Write a country song well do you think I could or should

Criteria has to be met first there’s no dog though we owned one way back

Did it leave run away did it get killed no sir

We had to give her away find a new home where we were going she couldn’t stay

Maintenance there they liked to steal from any tenant who had the misfortune to rent

We didn’t know this at first dog-sense the best

She’d protect us oh yeah they wouldn’t stand a chance

There went the dog and our hearts

Perhaps a good start


Next must be a lover who went astray a list long and distinguished could be

Not really for me but those involved weren’t truthful the couple times I tried

Thought they knew something others stood in line for their turn

But too much to fathom easier to stay alone I’d decide and did

I guess this would qualify making two that are met some romantic boo-hoo

Still I like my life the way it turned out in fact I love being me gee what’s next

Usually whiskey somewhere well it’s bourbon I drink to drown sorrows no

It’s bourbon I drink simply true that’d make three though usually

A Manhattan with lavender bitters is never described as a drowning pool

Just drunkenness because of what came before but I prefer enjoying life

I hope spoiling the tune not

But I did run over a cat that’s true back on track we go

Losing count is that three


The kids were young we’d just moved t’was long before the dog

Helped me to decide I’ll say

Foolish kitten watched us close too close as I backed up

Put the car in idle as I tossed the body into the weeds in the field across the way

Tears flowing from their eyes I vowed no more cats only a dog smarter I hope

We went from there it panned out well oh no is that too upbeat

Then we had to give her away does that help


Well I tried not enough tragedy things have a way of working out

Maybe country songwriting’s not for me





Thought I Might Forget It But I Didn’t

Taking an ice cold shower

Take a cold shower it’s said

Walking in freezing rain not a very pleasant day

Temperature’s dropped but I feel nothing

I’m wearing a raincoat

It keeps me dry it’s good

It feels like wearing a raincoat

Ha how many times

Like wearing a raincoat is good not bad

I feel enough well a little more my legs are getting wet as the wind blows back just a bit

Gusty gusts yet

Wearing a raincoat is good

Don’t complain





Like Brownies For Breakfast

Sitting up I might

Most likely I will

Through the walls I hear the neighbors

We’re all up late but I’d slept for a while

They’ve migrated downstairs and back up

Time to discuss politics and world peace

They can do it don’t you know

Yes they can

I’ll make coffee that I know without doubt

These things I can do that’s a fact ’cause I’m grown

These decisions come like brownies for breakfast

That I can do if I want I’ll eat healthy too

Who’s to say they’re not

Won’t you or wouldn’t hardest decision to make at this time

I’ll watch something mild sedative maybe drift back to sleep

But I’ve said this before how many different ways

Still the night is mine and always will be my crowded street

Wouldn’t want it differently contemplatively rules

Think I made that up but I’ll google it later

Oh there they go getting loud laughter abounds merry hearts surround

The world will be better soon so much better

Out in the hall where will we go now no someone’s leaving

See you he says yet he doesn’t lack

An engine revs in the background somewhere downstairs outside

Ah quiet comes pull the covers up to your chin

Wait doors close the wall shakes and it’s done


Now what’s next

Where should I begin




Wouldn’t You Know

It didn’t pan out wouldn’t you know it

Blow it I didn’t but she who played the fraud

Phony as can be thought she was slick

So slippery she slid past it the mark she had set

Well what do you know look at her go

But I know who I am

Makes you wonder about folks not enough to worry

Maybe panned out in the end though not the end

Enough to keep moving to the next door opened

Could be even better

Now that’s a thought




Freshen Up


Well I think now at 2 a.m. as I’m winding down I should wash my face

Haven’t done that yet and brush my teeth after this coffee

Strong but with no effect I’ll tell you the Italians know how to do it right

Though others do try but not enough bold and dark

If it were wouldn’t have to paste it over the wrapper

Not bad though I’ll keep it on the counter

Honorable mention


How rapid I type

Still I’ll wash up again and watch To Wong Foo and he-men playing women

They make the best like many women want to be

How do they do it


Men make the best women because they’re free

No hangups not insecure they can be their own fantasy

The way we should be no criticism or comments

Condemnation nigh

They’d deck the sexists for sure

Not from them these three

Wise men perhaps bringing gifts from afar

The way it should be

I Left My Cape In Rome


The finest wool that never felt cold

Dark green

Midi length

He’d stolen it anyway

Bought with a credit card he never intended to pay

A gift for me he’d say

And did

So what

Had too much to bring back besides

With weight limitations as they were

Broke, busted but filled

It’s fabulous you know

Rome is

Maybe for someone there it’d do more good

Good to be rid of him

Enjoy your new life

I set you free

Keep them warm whoever it’ll be

I loved Rome so

You will too

If you’re anything like me




Wait Until The Day After Or Maybe I Shouldn’t Say

    I miss Word. That said …

Not knowing what else to say Mavis sat there emery board in hand running it over her left hand ring finger. She’d read somewhere that filing like that strengthened nails and when you filed always go in one direction. It could be as simple as a swipe or two a day. She held her hand up to the light of the screen to see how much nail peeked over her fingers. She’d done a good job, they were getting long.

That still left coming up with something to say.

She picked up the emery board again and started on her right hand…