Denim Shorts High In The Cheek




Flannel Shirts


Warm arms around me so strong, durable, won’t hurt or cause any pain especially with the right fabric softener. That smell on your skin for the most part safe though should I fall asleep wrapped in one and get tangled, I’ll delight in the symbolism of it all an embrace so move over, ease out and back to sleep I can drift. So many of you write your woes, these men, those men, men over time, why don’t they love me the way I love, I mean I love myself, I do! Why am I the only one?


Walked right into that didn’t you, a major clue, your own design?


No, no it cannot be!


Yeah, I’m afraid so… hehehehehe.


The defense rests.






Remember When


There’s nothing there to hurt, no root this is phantom pain in my head throbbing my sinuses mercilessly. Pay attention, don’t you hear, nothing should be hurting, but no roots or their memory at that weren’t paying attention at all. I’d had a bridge, and procedure dictates the dentist removes the roots. I didn’t feel a thing, he never hurt me one in a million as it were. I lay back on the pillow and closed my eyes. Remember when was the last thing I needed, should never have been on the list. Stop now, you don’t exist!





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